Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It has been one of *those* days. My lower back is very sore and the day has included many, many "Training Opportunities" (read: feral behaviour from my children!!). But there have been blessings too, I count my blessings now that Jon gets home at a decent hour and sunshine to help get rid of stains (yes, there were quite a few stains today! As I said, it was one of those days) may seem like small things to some, but they are salve to my soul!

is talking NON-STOP at the moment. Perhaps needing more attention, perhaps just being a chatterbox!! We went to Launceston yesterday and again got stopped at least half a dozen times by complete strangers wanting to tell us how pretty she was in her dress. I think it is fairly rare to see a little girl dressed up now days. I guess I dress the kids up for church and 'going to town' because we enjoy wearing pretty clothes and it's a good excuse. The fact that she is a very pretty little girl has made me very conscious of talking to her often about her beauty being a blessing, but true beauty coming from within.

has had a hair cut. I call his style "Mum got to me with the clippers again" and it will be a real trend setter at playgroup I'm sure! Having very short hair brings out his eyes beautifully. His behaviour has been going down hill big time lately with a lot of grumpyness and some downright disobedience. I am going to keep him close by to me (and I mean practically strapped to my hip) to help me to be consistent with him. Consistency is always the hardest thing in parenting. Dealing with bad behaviour when I'm tired, sore, busy or I just want to hide under my bed for a while takes a fair amount of self discipline, and I have to admit I have been tempted to find a bed to hide under a few times today.

has had his first haircut! He looks adorable in a similar style to his brother. I call his style "Mum got to me with the clippers while trying to hold me still on her lap"! I had the older two dance, sing and make silly noises to stop him trying to turn around and look at the clippers I was trying to use. He fell asleep in my arms today for the first time in ages (his brother had prevented his afternoon nap and we spent the whole day out yesterday) and I put him down on the floor where he simply rolled over and went back to sleep. It was adorable! I love it when they sleep!! ;)

The New Baby:
flipped to head down for a few days then flipped back again. Bub is now spine-to-spine with me so all hands and feet are out front, being used with great vigor. I bought some muslin to make some summer sheets for the bassinet and I am looking forward to doing some sewing for this baby. I am also going to start washing baby clothes soon and getting things like newborn nappies. It is all very exciting! 53 days to go until my due date now - Yay!!

The home:
is still not where I want it to be. The kitchen is a whole heap better to use and I am no longer tripping over boxes every day, but there is still a lot to do. I didn't get anything done today as most of the day has been spent putting out fires, but I am hoping this will change tomorrow. The washing has also piled up a bit, but with the sunny weather that shouldn't be too hard to get back on top of.

The Garden:
has white Peonies in the front garden! These are beautiful flowers and can be tricky to get to flower so I am very happy. There is also a rose blooming, a small pale pink rose, but I am not sure if I will keep that or rip it out, either way it needs to move because it has torn the flyscreen on the window to shreds. I have a glazier friend who refers to roses as "The Glazier's Curse" as so many people plant thorny roses next to windows!

In the interest of being totally honest, I don't feel like doing anything active at the moment at all. I know sitting still will make my back worse, but the sheer effort of moving, especially carrying things like baskets of washing and Christopher, take so long and are so exhausting I just feel like collapsing afterward. I SHOULD set my alarm for early morning and go for a good walk before Jon and the kids wake up. Maybe in a couple of days when I have caught up on some sleep....


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