Monday, July 14, 2008


We are on dialup and will be for a while so my internet time is SEVERELY limited and excruciatingly SLOW. I miss blogging etc. but life is very full so perhaps this is a blessing in disguise?

is currently harrassing poor Christopher to within an inch of his life. When the baby is not being cuddled and petted and carried about he is being given yet another check up with the ever-present doctor's kit. You would have thought that doctor's kit would have worn thin after almost a year, but not so. Billy bumped his head the other day and a few minutes later Beloved and I turned around to see Billy sitting with his whole head bandaged Mummy-style and Erin injecting him with her toy syringe! Babies remain the primary obsession though and Erin is in Christopher's face every waking minute. Christopher will be relieved to have a younger, slower moving, sibling to deflect the affection somewhat I think! I need a tape to play on loop "Christiopher is a BABY not a DOLL, please put him down" In reality though, I am just thrilled she has the amount of interest and affection that she does for her younger brothers and the baby on the way. I'd love for her to get the baby sister she is longing for, but I think she will be thrilled with any baby who can't crawl away!

grabbed books he had not seen fo two weeks or more and 'read' them to me from memory this week. He is such a clever button. He is very frustrated that he can't read yet and looks with unadulterated craving at the little stickers that Erin earned for reading a whole reader through BY HERSELF! I watch him work with avid concentration on paintings and playdough and can't help thinking that if I leave him at it for long enough, he will find the cure for cancer or the solution to the Middle East Crisis. Even amid the cheeky grin and belly laugh his actions seem so full of import. That is not to say that the genius is ALWAYS working for the good of mankind. For some inexplicable reason the child still eats mud and ash whenever he gets the chance. Go figure!!

is still working on those teeth. The two canine teeth are through but the front teeth are yet to break through. Thankfully he is sleeping through again and is generally happy most of the time. The constant slime trail of drool and the flushed cheeks are our only outward sign of teething. I have been doing a bit of a blog catch up and I found that Kendra, of Preschoolers and Peace, has just had to witness her youngest son Joe (now Mighty Joe) fight for his life with the Human Enterovirus. It makes me hug my boy tighter as Mighty Joe is only nine weeks old and has already gone through so much. The most Christopher has had to endure is his sister's affections, which he does with good humor most of the time!

The New Baby:
who I think of as "Rudolph" is now making his/her presence felt with little swims and taps. There is also a definate belly bump there now, not just flab I excuse by saying I'm pregnant!! We have planned on how to replace the car with one that will fit all the children in it and are awaiting some funds toward the end of the year. We are awfully tempted to check out one we have been seeing advertised in the paper for weeks. We even have the money sitting there, but that money is earmarked for important HOUSE stuff and we need to be grown ups!! It is always bizzare to be planning for life with another little person. I am just so thrilled with this pregnancy as it becomes more and more 'real' each day. I don't know when other women feel that they are REALLY pregnant. Is it when you first miss that period? When the first suspicions awaken in your mind and heart? Is it when you take that test and see TWO lines come up? Is it with the first 'symptoms' (night time blood noses and tiredness for me!!)? Or is it when you start telling people? Does it become real for you when you can't squeeze into your jeans anymore and you dig out the maternity outfits? Or when Beloved or the children kiss your belly goodnight? For generations the beginning of life was marked as when the woman first felt movement - the quickening - and there is no denying the powerful marking point that is in a pregnancy. For me, my awareness of this baby has been unfolding like a flower from the moment I held those suspicions. It has been wonderful to hug it to myself and just let it bloom naturally. There is Someone, though, who has been aware of this child since before the beginning of time. What an awesome thought!

The house:
is a sea of laundry, boxes and "do me right now!!" jobs. I closed the door on it this morning and watched the children make mud pies while I read my Bible. When things are calmer and we can keep to a routine for more than two days in a row, things will be very, very different!

I have been walking nearly every week day which has been fantastic! We are yet to bring my bike out and I am not exactly sure where I will put it yet either. We are somewhat strapped for space in this house!


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