Saturday, July 26, 2008

Of broken plumbing, chaos and laundry victories

As I said in my last post, I am starting up some new routine and getting the rhythm back into our lives this week! Not an easy goal, but "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"! I am hoping to put more "margin" time back into our lives (an excellent article on Leading Little Hearts Home). I also crave going to bed each night knowing I acheived all the important things, even if I didn't achieve everything.

has been terrably patient with the falabilities of her mother! A gem when I sleep in the armchair each afternoon (if I try and skip this I am a zombe by 6pm). We had music yesterday and the teacher singled Erin out afterwards and complemented her on being able to keep the beat very well and singing beautifully.

had a spate of waking up in the night and comming in to see me for about a fortnight there. Sometimes it was nightmares (it is odd to have a little boy come and stand by your bed and say in a tearful voice "'scuse me Mummy, lions eating me!") sometimes it was almost sleep walking. No waking last night though and hopefully we've kicked the habit.

has two bottom teeth, his canine teeth and is working on his front teeth as we speak. He has also perfected the art of peek-a-boo complete with peels of laughter when he puts aside what he was hiding his face behind and hears "Boo!". It is not unusual for him to wake once at night at least but I am hoping this will drop when his teeth are through.

The New Baby:
is no longer causing nose bleeds. After a series of overnight nose bleeds I was left so weak and tired I couldn't even get myself out of bed and dressed let alone take care of the kids. So I trundled off to the doctor and had my nose cauterised (not fun). No major nose bleeds since! It is all still healing though so if you could keep this in your prayers I'd appreciate it. Bub is moving around gently and my tum is a definate tum now.

The house:
now has bookshelves with books in them and a dining table that we eat at so it feels like the heart and mind of the family are here! We also have a busted hot water pipe under the house which will involve Jon ripping up the shower base and the floor tomorrow so no hot showers for a while. It has been leaking under there for a while and dread to think what our power bill will be. I am also a little worried about the condition of the underside of the house (we think the leak has been there since we moved in, it just got worse after some freezing) and trying hard not to stress about the million and one jobs Jon won't be able to get done tomorrow because he needs to rip out the shower and fix the plumbing! On an up side, I have conquered the washing and organised the kid's clothes. They now each have 5 pairs of PJ's, 5 'every day' outfits and 2 'good' outfits with lots of underwear and a couple of extra jackets. This fits into a basket each (except for the ironed stuff which hangs in my wardrobe ready for 'good' wear) and each basket is on a shelf in their room. It takes me two minutes to put away washing or find fresh clothes now and I am sure everything in there fits and matches something else. Unseasonal, extra or ill fitting clothing is now stored or given away. Mostly stored as it WILL get used in this house!

we are still walking most days (we skipped our walk on the day when rain and big fat snow flakes dominated the scenery!) and I look forward to getting time on that exercise bike soon!

#36 baby belly laughs
#37 little boys who vibrate with energy
#38 blond whisps escaping pigtails
#39 a big black beard that tickles the back of my neck when I get cuddles at the sink
#40 watching my children see snowflakes for the first time
#41 good books
#42 flames dancing in our heater, warming the room and my heart
#43 quiet moments
#44 the ability to start again tomorrow
#45 a growing belly with little "swims" inside

Book Recommendations:
Honey for a Woman's Heart by Gladys Hunt
A Woman's Walk with God by Elizabeth George
Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones by Clare Freedman


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