Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm exhausted.

At the end of the day I am overwhelmed with the amount that I DIDN'T get done.

As I sit, things around me scream "unpack me!", "clean me!", "organise me!"

I berate myself for poor parenting, neglecting my husband, not getting enough rest, eating too much processed sugar (a nasty stress reaction of mine!), neglecting to get on the exercise bike - yet again and time, precious time, slipping through my fingers like water.

The to do list is overwhelming and I gaze at it miserably neglecting the "Ta Da!" list of what I did get done.

I sit down at the end of the day without really finishing, promising myself that I'll get up and do some ironing, tidy the kitchen, get that laundry underway, mop that floor, in just a minute.

I then fall asleep in the chair and stumble to bed when Beloved awakes me, stopping only to shed clothes and not even bothering to find PJ's - which means I need to REALLY wake up when Christopher wakes up with another teething "I want Mummy" cry or Billy has a nightmare or the littlest bubba leans too hard on the bladder.

I get out my books and Bible intending to just read for "a little while" and find that half the morning has slipped away or fall asleep for the duration of the boy's naps while Erin plays quietly near by.

What is wrong with this picture?


I know how important it is, but I have just kept putting it to the back of my mind thinking "When the move is finished" or "When we're unpacked" etc.

You'd think I'd know better by now!

Well, a new week starts and a new routine awaits!


susanc said...

Hi, I've read your blog for a little while and also read the 'leading little hearts home' one too.
I have just logged on today to realise you are expecting another baby and wanted to offer my congratulations. I am expecting as well but due a little later than you are.
I was drawn to comment, finally, today because of how you were saying you had no routine anymore. Mine too has completely gone out the window. I don't seem to have the mental or physical energy to tackle anything...and I NEED to!
ok, bye, I'll be back!! :):)

TasJess said...

Thanks for the comment Susan and congrats on the TWINS!! I was encouraged today as I read in a book (A Woman's Walk With God by Elizabeth George) William Carey (the father of modern missions) was asked the reason for his success as a missionary. He replied "I can plod; I can persevere in any definate pursuit. To this I owe everything." So Plod On Sister! Draw on His strength, and just put one foot in front of the other. Perhaps, one day, we Mums will look back and realise all the plodding got us somewhere after all!