Monday, July 14, 2008

Birth Centre

I just wanted to take a moment to direct any Tasmanians who may be expecting their own baby to the website for the Launceston Birth Centre Christopher and Billy were both born there and this newest baby will also be born in the presence of Myself, Beloved and Anna. Anna and Jean are both Christian and it makes an amazing difference to me to have midwives I can pray with and who I know are praying for me. Anna is more a family friend than a health professional!! I trust her professional judgement and her meticulous record keeping (she made beautiful notes for me during both births, even noting things Beloved and I said to each other during the process which makes them treasured memories for me) and I also trust her to respect me, my choices, my husband and my body. I can't recommend the centre highly enough! I also ask that everyone pray for the Birth Centre as we hope more and more women will choose to birth with them so they can continue to expand and add more midwives.

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