Thursday, June 12, 2008

update and recipe

The kids are all in the same room now with Billy in a big-boy bed! I have found this means the older two are putting themselves to bed at all hours of the day now and Erin wants afternoon naps with the boys!

still thinks moving is fun! Overall, she has been delightful and a great help with packing and cleaning.

is loving the big-boy bed concept and puts himself to bed at any hour - but especially at nap time. He also got a big truck from Nanny and Poppy for his birthday which he loves.

has 2 teeth, is crawling like a pro and climbing everything as well as harassing his older brother and eating things he shouldn't.

Tea tonight:
2 cans tuna - drained
2 cans cream of ch'n soup
frozen veg
1 can pineapple - drained

all in crock pot for a couple of hours while I clean the new house then served with pasta - quick and easy!

the house (which one?!)
the new house is lovely - in spite of the fact that there is a little more rot than we realised (not bad yet though), the roof leaks over the wood heater, we are getting quotes in for the septic and we are yet to build a shed for Jon. It is OURS!! A true blessing in every way.
The rental is suffering neglect, but still livable!

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Helsyd said...

congratulations on the new home Jess! xxx