Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To The Heartbeat Under Mine

I will touch your skin

I will know you as my familiar stranger

You will delight me

You will surprise me

You will break me into a thousand pieces

And scatter me to shine as brilliant as the stars

I will be a better person for knowing you

In your eyes, I will find a treasure

I will tarnish it

I will need to beg your forgiveness

I will love you

I will scar you

I will mould you with my touch

Who you are will be completely unexpected to me

You are my enigma

The puzzle that I never want to fully solve

For then I would miss the joy of learning you

In your eyes are a thousand lessons

That you will teach me

Simply by being

Simply by dancing

Your dance will be your own

But our steps will be delicately entwined

Slow, quick, quick-quick, slow

We will dance our way through



There will come a day

You will dance those steps without me

You will stumble

You will soar

And I will be your greatest fan

I will pray for you, child

I will cheer for you

But for now,

You are the heartbeat under mine

And our delicate dance

Is just beginning

1 comment:

Bek said...

too beautiful for words, but I had to do something so here are words to let you know.