Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moving In

We are spending most of our time at the new house now. Beds are set up and most of the kitchen stuff is there. It has been a wonderful, peaceful few days. I unpacked all I could unpack, but the absence of a washing machine has meant that I have not been able to wash clothes - instead I have spent that time playing with the children and 'tweaking' the new house and dreaming dreams for the garden and renovations. Cleaning has even been easier with no furniture to clean around!The renovations have started with Jon starting to tear out the lining of the front room and definite steps having to be taken to prevent the repetition of the indoor pool we got with last week's rain. I look at the house and see the back outer wall missing, the front room needing re-lining, the septic needing replacing and.... well you get the idea.... and I think WORK! Then I look at it and think OURS!! We can make our home fit around our lifestyle rather than fitting around a poorly laid out, hard to heat rental in need of repairs. I suffer no illusions about how hard it is to renovate while living in a house. There will be times when I just have to take the kids away for a while when Jon is refinishing and sealing floors etc. But every step of the way, there has been God's hand in things. And the safest, easiest place in the world is in the center of God's will.

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