Wednesday, June 04, 2008

amid the boxes

blogging is going to take a back seat for a while. Just a few random updates while we're moving (which could take a while!) but no big posts or detailed updates for a bit.

struggled with not taking over her brother's birthday last Sunday, but managed for the most part! She's enjoyed having Nana Julie here for a while and her reading is improving in leaps and bounds.

is two now and has no hair. I cut his hair and forgot how short the number 3 guide for the clippers is! He loved his new lego (as does Erin and Christopher!) and spent the day telling people it was his AND Erin's birthday. He has also taken to calling Nana Julie "Grandpa" for some reason!

REALLY crawls and has started pulling himself up on things! He is also sleeping through the night (most of the time) still.


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