Monday, January 14, 2008

We're still alive! Once again, life has just gotten busy. I am making an attempt to keep up with the garden at the moment and the weeds are trying to get the best of me (not to mention the cabbage moths!).

Is so grown up you wouldn't believe it! I know I say that nearly every entry but it's true. The other day I was putting her to bed and started singing a silly song to her. She giggled, rolled her eyes at me and said "Muuuum, say prayers!" In other words "you are so immature sometimes!" LOL She has discovered a real love of school work and has been spending ages doing it. I have to pry her away to do other things! She is still a normal kid and enjoys normal kid things though. She is quite attached to her dolls and teddies at the moment and is spending a fair bit of time babying them. The one who receives the most attention is Sandy, a small doll that I used to drag around when I was 3! Her babies get fed, changed and put to bed. They have frequent visits to the Dr also - the Dr's kit is never to far from her affections!

has an even bigger vocab and it is expanding by the day. He also has perfected the art of the hissy fit and I need to address that sooner rather than later! My tender hearted little lad is so sweet though. We were watching Charlotte's Web yesterday and he got upset when the horse, who is afraid of spiders, passed out. He burst into tears and cried out "Broken!!" He was quite upset until the horse got up again! The funniest thing is he has seen the movie a few times now and still gets upset about that. He lights up when Jon comes home and talking to Christopher is one of his favourite things (even if I do have to stop him laying on the poor baby or hugging him 'till he squeaks!) and I only have to kneel down to change Christopher and he has climbed up my back, wrapped his arms around my neck and started yelling "Hello!" at Christopher while he hugs me. He and Erin are amazing to watch. Yes, they have their moments, but for the most part they actually play together and talk together like little buddies!

is HUGE! He seems to be growing before my very eyes! When he is laying on his back he digs his heels in and pushes himself along. He has no idea where he is going, but he's going! He also turns himself around. Eczema is still an issue, it covers a large part of his face and head at the moment. I have gone off dairy at the moment to see if that helps (I had dairy allergies at his age) but so far I have seen little change. His belly laugh is great and is medicine for my soul when I am tired or cranky.

The house:
looks pretty good at the moment. I went through the wardrobes again yesterday and thinned out the contents. There were too many outfits that were sitting there, never being worn. It just made it harder to get the clothes we did use in and out, so the unused stuff has been passed on to bless someone else. It was a bit of a wrench a few times as there were some lovely items! But I feel better for it. I have also organised the kid's underwear and socks into little bags, so rather than folding all Erin's knickers, I toss them in a bag. Socks are also a lot easier to find now. I reorganised the linen cupboard too. All the sets of sheets are inside a pillow case for that set, so I no longer have to dig to find a matching set of sheets! This makes Monday's wash day a lot simpler. I have also culled the items that aren't being used. I have started refilling the freezer during Friday cook ups and was pleased about that when I REALLY didn't feel like cooking yesterday. I just pulled out some stuff, defrosted and heated and it was yummy!

The garden:
is growing at a rapid rate - weeds included! I have a long to-do list out there at the moment. The tomatoes need staking, the brassicas need tending to get rid of the cabbage moth grub, I need to do SOMETHING about the cherry and pear slug infesting the trees. A possum ate all the peaches that were on the tree - much to the disappointment of Jon who had faithfully watered and tended the tree! But it is all still a beautiful place to be. Jon and I went out and lay on the trampoline together after putting the kids to bed last week and the peace was tangable.

I have started a wrap for myself as something simple to knit while reading. I also have plans to do some sewing - but how long have I been planning that for now? LOL


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