Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another week, another update!

She has just been going from strength to strength at the moment. One of the big things we have been working on is dealing with younger brothers misbehaving or taking her stuff. This is a common thing in this house and is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future! She is doing much better at asking Billy nicely and then asking Mum for help rather than bursting into hysterics and belting him with the nearest object! Funny thing is, 80% of the time, asking Billy nicely is all she needs to do! She is loving having Mum here for a visit at the moment. Mum adores Erin and it is fantastic to see them together. Mum is coping admirably with Erin's need to be always close and engaging her in conversation (and I do mean ALWAYS!). The atlas is the current obsession and she can now point out Australia (and Tasmania), Russia and China. We are slowly adding to that as time goes by. She had her un-birthday today with another lady-bug cake. It was a dismal failure and I refused to take a photo but we still had sparklers and she's happy with it!

is begining to shake the whinging habit he had gotten into. It has taken a bit of persistence on my part! That is something I always struggle with. I have a nasty tendency to get involved in something and ignore misbehaviour or reward it (give him the thing he whinges for etc) and it is NOT good parenting! Billy has always had a sixth sense about taking advantage of those times too! My bright button has amazed us all by listening in to Erin's geography lessons. We had the Atlas out on Saturday and Erin pointed out Australia. I noticed Billy was feeling a bit left out so I held out the map and asked where Russia was. He pointed it out and said "Russia!" LOL!! Of course, it probably helps that Russia is the largest country there. He has done it a few times since. And once he even pointed out Australia! How's that for a party trick? He has also really enjoyed having Nana Julie (Dooolie) here. He is a little less "in your face" than Erin (in spite of being louder!) but he has been receiving his fair share of stories and cuddles.

has some how become 'broken'! He is still happy and chipper most of the time BUT he is waking several times a night and today pretty much refused to take his afternoon nap by yelling the house down! No gum swelling or any other teething symptoms, still eating fine with plenty of nappies to change, he still has eczema but is not scratching at it and it looks much calmer (baths with Bi-carb soda work fantastically!) so the only thing I can come up with is he has been completely spoilt - nobody's fault but mine! Because he's been such a happy baby I have fussed over him the minute he has become unhappy! This will have to change!

The house:
had a bit of a back slide because I got distracted by big shiny things! It shouldn't take too long to get back on track though.

The garden:
I am striking cuttings using my propagator that Jon got me for Christmas. I have also done a bit of late summer pruning and dead-heading. Most of the work has been done by Jon though. He's been out there watering and weeding most nights!


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