Friday, January 25, 2008


WE HAVE BROADBAND! So I will probably be a lot more productive with my time on here now :D I may even get some photos up soon!

is just an information sponge at the moment. She was talking to Jon about the letter S tonight (she was doing 'S' in her school work today) and they were discussing what begins with 'S'. Jon suggested Salamanders which led to us finding a book with Salamanders in it to look at then on a huge discussion on amphibians, frogs and reptiles that were in the book.
It strikes me every now and then that the memories we create with her now will last a lifetime. She was standing up at the bench cooking with me yesterday and she asked if she could sit on the bench. When I told her no, she started chatting about when Drew sat her up on the bench while he baked pizza. This happened last March when we came to visit the Unterbergers while they were still living here! She has also mentioned a few things that happened at the old house that I'd forgotten about.
She has a HUGE egg on her head at the moment. She smacked her head on the corner of the door while closing it for me yesterday! She was pretty tough about it though and only cried for a little bit. She was more fascinated with the blue gel in the cold pack I got for her head.

is going for gold in the vocab stakes. His favourite thing is still cleaning up and stacking things. if I ask Erin to put something away, Billy often gets in first and does it (we need to be careful with that because she has already started to cotton on and 'delegate' tasks to him!). He has a renewed fascination with books at the moment. I was feeding Christopher the other day and I realised that the older two were very quiet. I found them cuddled up together on Erin's bed 'reading'. He sees me read often and he will grab a book and sit next to me and 'read' too. He is becoming a real star in the singing stakes at the moment too. He is remembering many words to lots of different songs and has surprised me a few times with what he joins in singing or even initiates himself. His biggest worry at the moment is his big sister constantly imploring him to submit to being "checked" with her doctor's kit!

is a real chatter box at the moment. He often wakes up and chatters to himself until I go and get him. He is also intent on being mobile. He doesn't know WHERE he is going, but he is going! He pushes himself along with his legs when he is on his back or on his front now. He just needs to get the arms in on the action! I am not getting too excited about the crawling bit yet, I remember both the older two looked like they were going to be early crawlers but neither of them were especially. They just faked it! He is still such a cuddly baby and a pleasure to be around. The poor lamb still battles with excema, but bi-carb soda in his bath does seem to help.

The house:
is really good at the moment! We have even been doing 'extra' cleaning like cleaning windows that weren't 'scheduled' to be cleaned yet etc. It is so nice to be in routine. It is the first time in a very long time that there hasn't been 'extra' stuff happening so we are taking full advatage of it to rest, relax and prepare for the next onslaught of life!

The Garden:
is OK. Jon pruned back a tree with a chainsaw last weekend and it has made a world of difference in the clothes line area. I want to get into the green house a bit more to do some work, but other than that, everything seems to be doing nicely.


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