Thursday, December 27, 2007

We made it through Christmas and there was a tree and turkey and presents and everything! It was great!

loves her new hippo craft caddy which has crayons, textas, pencils and paints in it. Today she painted pictures for Nanny and Poppy and Mummy and Daddy.

Erin (to herself): "First there is a capital M then.........Mum, is there an 'o' in Mum??

Me: No honey, it is 'u' M-u-m

Erin: Oh, well, I've made a CIRCULAR 'u'

When I had a look, Mum ended up being spelt "Moum" LOL

She also got a few books and a CD called "The Singing Bible" which I think is fantastic. It's put together like a radio show with talking between the songs and it links up songs to tell Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation. I actually managed to get her hair into a plait at the back today (two pigtails at the front still!) and she is getting so grown up. She is wearing her overalls and the cuffs aren't turned up at all! I am planning our home schooling for next year and I just can't wait to get into it all with her. Things just look more exciting through her eyes!

got his own foam fold out couch because Erin's was being a bit trashed with all the use so he got his own, and a Colin Buchanan DVD which he LOVES. He has been spending a fair bit of time using both of them at once! He also got a few books and a CD of Jay Laga'ia which I personally love! He has had a few unauthorised visits next door while my back was turned hanging out the washing so I need to keep better track of him outside - he is off like a shot! He is very affectionate with everyone but he is the BEST at making Christopher laugh and smile. Almost every day I look at him, a hard little rock of pure muscle with big blue eyes and a grin so big you could get lost in it forever, and wonder where on earth he came from - but gosh I am glad he's come!

is even bigger and happier! Although he did have a bout of weeping eczema over his head after I put some massage oil on there to get rid of the cradle cap! I usually use olive oil but just grabbed the massage oil because it was closer. It was a gift from someone and I haddn't used it before. It is going in the bin now. I keep forgetting he is so young and thinking he should have better head control or be thinking about rolling over by now - then remembering he is still only weeks old! Speaking of Christopher, he's awake so I had better get going. I will check in again soon and do a proper entry!


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