Monday, September 17, 2007

This week at Jess' house....

The daffodils are finishing and the leaves are starting to come out on the blossom trees, so spring is well and truly here and poor Erin didn't get to make a snow man! It is a wonderful time of year to have a baby though.

has had a slight destructive streak in the last week. On Saturday morning I found a mural on her bedroom wall!! Both the kids know they must stay quietly in bed until Mum or Dad tells them otherwise in the morning. She had put her handbag (which has pencils and crayons in it for drawing during church) near her bed and, while sitting quietly in bed in the morning, decorated the wall!! After opening the bathroom door to find her and Billy "making a pond" the night before (about 15 litres of water, maybe more, bailed out of the bath onto the bathroom CARPET!!) I can safely say I was unimpressed!! It hasn't been malicious or wantonly evil, just normal 3 year old not being supervised properly and getting into mischief. Lessons were learned on both sides I think.

has a welt on his forehead where he was running into the house with a saucepan (helping me unload the dishwasher, yes, a 15 month old CAN unload the dishwasher!) and slipped, smacking his head on the edge of the saucepan! Poor waif was rather displeased! He soon got over it though and finished the job. He is also in pig heaven outside as there are cows very close by to moo at and a big pile of wood to be stacked! Although, Mummy finds it hard to keep up with stacking the wood these days! He is very affectionate at the moment, grabbing my face in both hands and planting big, wet kisses on me at a moments notice. Still being Billy, he has been in the thick of any mischief Erin has been into and had a few solo escapades of his own. He did sit quietly through 95% if the sermon at church this week though, so I am hoping that he is learning to do that regularly!

The new bub:
All stations are go.....still :) Still feeling quite good and I'd love it if things held off until next Friday night at least, but bub will come when bub is ready. Erin has decided that the baby is a girl and will arrive on Friday.

The garden:
was freshly mowed last week and you wouldn't be able to tell that now! Of course, it rained this weekend so Jon couldn't mow it again. Spring has sprung!!

The house:
is reeling under a massive outburst of nesting. The freezers are groaning, the kitchen bench was clean on Friday night (unknown in this house!!) and will be again by tonight. In fact, I even saw the bench tops OVER THE WEEKEND!! Wonders will never cease. I am making a concious effort to curb things a bit, because this energy boost is not intended for rearranging things and cleaning, it is intended for getting bubba out!!

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