Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Let us all give thanks for my washing machine

8am - night nappy malfunction meant full single bedsheets, full PJ's AND our queen size bedsheets needed to be washed.

8:45am Billy needs his pants and socks changed after a self-feeding, porridge incident.

8:55am Mummy needs her OWN PJ's changed after spilling her own porridge

9am Erin needs her pants changed

9:05am While I was busy with Erin Billy bathed himself in Apple juice

And the day sort of just followed on like that with Erin washing Billy's hair with the hand soap (while he was fully clothed of course!) and various other adventures!! I had, of course, just changed all the sheets the day before, but why should a thing like that make a difference? Thanks to my fabulous washing machine though, I do NOT have piles of dirty laundry everywhere - even though there were a few days of rain last week!!

is still rather thrilled with her new room! I think she likes being more in the middle of things rather than right up the front of the house. We had another trip to Launceston on Saturday and stopped in at the church to catch up with everyone. She was in her element with lots of people to be adored by!

has finally got all his eye teeth through (I think) and that should do us until the 2 year old molars. He is just BESOTTED with Erin at the moment and is throwing his arms around her any chance he gets. It makes for very cute viewing! Today when we were outside, he climbed up on the fence that faces out over the road toward the railway line and started "mooing" at the top of his lungs at the cows in the paddocks the other side of the railway line. Also, very cute!

The new baby:
is going to be a big 'un! I am still getting kicks in the ribs even though the head is well down. I had someone ring to see how I was going today and they made a comment to the tune of "you must be so sick of it by now!" To tell the truth - no! Yes, I am tired sometimes (I will be when I am getting up to a newborn, chasing around after a toddler, staying up finishing costumes for parties, worrying about teenagers etc. It's just part of being a Mum!) Yes, I won't miss the heartburn or the stabbing pains I've been getting in my ribs. Yes, I am looking forward to sleeping on my belly and being able to move faster than a hippo with a gland problem. BUT I will miss these little movements, the priveledge of being the complete caretaker of this little life, laying quietly 'talking' to the baby as I drift off to sleep (after visiting the loo at 3am AGAIN). I will have to share this little person with everyone else, pass him or her around to be held and loved by others rather than just holding him or her close to my heart. I won't be able to protect them as well once they're out. So no, I am not sick of it yet.

The garden:
is keeping us in full supply of daffodils and jonquills and snowflakes. We also have an arrangement of blossom from the ornamental cherry near the clothes line that I made on Friday to grace our Sabbath table. I love this time of year, I just wish I could get more done around the garden to take advantage of the spring!

The house:
suffered today with the continual interruptions, but I have been setting my standards low. I have been restraining myself from the big cook ups, knowing I won't have the energy for the clean up afterwards. I have been doing little bits often rather than large onslaughts. Overall, it has been staying live-able in spite of regular baths of apple juice on the kitchen floor!

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