Monday, September 10, 2007

The new, improved Blog!

I have memories of sitting up cooking Apple and Passionfruit Jam the week before Billy was born. Tonight I am sitting up baking muffins! The last half a dozen are due to come out in about five minutes. I did some renovations and added some links last week. I quite like the new format!

has clicked with the idea of being a BIG girl now! Everything is "I can do this BY MYSELF because I am a BIG girl!". She is thriving on any positive attention I can give her at the moment, which is great because mid last week I was about to tear my hair out over her behavior! For some reason, my lovely, helpful little girl turned into a demon child of destruction! Including destroying books and trashing her room. I am not entirely sure what turned her around, but I am sure me looking for things to praise her about and keeping firm boundaries helped. Also, spending some quality time all four of us as a family this weekend makes a WORLD of difference to her. She is definately a different little girl now. This morning she was helping me unload the dishwasher and do some other jobs and she said "We're working together as a TEAM aren't we Mummy?" then sang one of her memory verses "Work together as a team" Philippians 1:27

has worker's hands at the moment because he scratched them up a fair bit yesterday running around the paddock and "helping" Daddy build the new chook run. He is growing up so fast! After tea I get him out of his high chair and tell him to kiss Daddy and Erin good night. He gives each of them a cuddle and kiss then runs off to the bathroom where he collects his toothbrush and stands on the stool and brushes his teeth. He continues to brush his teeth while I change his nappy then he puts his toothbrush away and runs to his room. Often, he has to press the funnel of his toy train before he gets into bed so that it makes music, but then he does his best to climb into bed (I have to lift him still) and snuggles down to sleep, waves at me and says "eee ya!!!" (see ya) before I turn off the light. He is not my little baby anymore!

The Newest Baby:
People have started to ring just to check how I am doing (translation: see if I've had the baby and kept it secret! LOL) so the end must be nigh. To tell the truth, having people ringing to check up on me is a little like having kids in the back seat calling out "Are we there yet?!?!" ha ha. I have only just come to terms with the idea that bub can arrive any time now. Up until today I would daily say to bub "please don't come yet, mama has to do (xyz) first!" Now, I'd like to get to the end of that list stuck on the fridge, but if it doesn't happen that's OK. Bub floated up again today and started kicking the life out of my ribs, however, so I am not expecting any movement down south in the next day or two at least.

The garden/farm:
Jon built me a new chook run yesterday so the chooks have a courtyard instead of free run of the whole yard. This means I will be able to plant out the gardens without fear of them scratching them up and we will have less chook poo around the place! I will miss them sitting under the kitchen window and comming to talk to me while I hang out the washing. I picked up Audrey today and she definately has some meat on her! Hopefully, now they are a bit more restricted, they'll start laying! Jon had to buy me 24 eggs today because I am going through them at such a rate.

The house:
is OK, kind of. I am cooking like a mad woman, I woke up (WIDE awake) at 6am this morning with an urge to do laundry and clean the house, but I keep letting the basics slip. It is all very well to have 20+ muffins to put in the freezer, to have cooked a huge breakfast for the family, to have a crock pot full of soup bubbling away and mounds of laundry clean, but unless you clean up the kitchen after the cooking and fold the washing and put it away, it is just a series of half finished jobs! I need to stick with the routine of dishwasher full and on before bed and kitchen tidied fully every morning or it will just start to breed. I also need to pace myself so I get the whole job done rather than try and take on the whole world at once!


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