Monday, September 24, 2007

Still here.....

and still in one piece!

is reading her 80th anniversary special edition Winnie-the-pooh book that Uncle Andrew gave her with me in the afternoons at the moment. We are both loving it! The illustrations are fantastic and I had almost forgotten how great the stories are. Her prayers really crack me up. Yesterday at the table she said grace and as well as asking for the food to be blessed, she also blessed the computers, including Daddy's computer at work on his work desk!! Last night she told God a big story about the new baby and how the tablets (my raspberry leaf tablets) work and how the baby will be coming out soon!

has discovered books in a big way! He's always been read to, but now he brings them out by the armload and sits for each of them being read (yes, you read right, SITS!). Just in time for the new baby so he will (hopefully) sit and read with me while I feed bubba. Unfortunately he has also discovered moving the dining chairs around and using them as ladders! Oh well, you can't have it all good! He is an incorrigible flirt. We went to King Solomon's Caves on the weekend and walked through with a tour group to see the formations. The whole time we were there he was either exclaiming at the top of his lungs ("OoOoooohhhh, Ahhhhhh!!! OOOoooohhh!!") or leaning over grinning at the older ladies on the tour ("'ello there, what's a nice girl like you doing in a dark place like this??"). He does it during church too. He has quite the little fan club there!

The new baby:
has no plans to move out before University. It has decided that it is quite roomy and comfortable in there and the outside is decidedly LOUD so inside is good. My guess is this will be a BIG baby. People keep saying "but you haven't even dropped yet!"......I have, the only way this kid is getting any lower is to come OUT! It is just big. The ultrasound actually put my due date at the 17th so today I am technically 1 week overdue. I prefer to go by the dates I set!

The Garden:
is looking quite good at the moment. Jon mowed all the lawns yesterday and I did heaps of weeding (in an effort to convince bubba to get out!). Erin picked the pink tulip that had grown in the round garden, but when I was weeding I found two other plants, so hopefully we will get some more!

The house:
isn't too bad at the moment. It slipped over the weekend, but Jon helped me stack the dishwasher last night and I finished off any other dishes this morning. The kitchen is clan (including a mopped floor!), tea is in the crock pot (meatloaf! yum!), the lounge is vacuumed - it is just the washing that needs addressing but I swapped office and washing day this week because it has been pouring rain today.


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