Monday, August 13, 2007

Ten things I like about being pregnant (in no particular order)

1. being the 'work space' for God to make a new little person to add to our family
2. feeling (and watching!) the little pokes and prods
3. being the mother of three, but having one of those three warm, safe, fed and content pretty much all the time with minimum effort on my part (appeals to my inner lazy woman)
4. giggling when the baby jumps when I - how do I say this politely? - pass wind
5. preparing for the baby's arrival
6. the excitement shown by others over the baby's imminent arrival (Erin has ordered a merry-go-round cake for the baby's birthday - we'll see!!)
7. washing little baby socks!!
8. my very indulgent husband bringing me chocolate when I am tired and/or grumpy
9. having all that 'excess skin' filled out and taut rather than....flopping
10. having the excuse for a nap - even if I can't use it very often!

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