Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh it's HUGE!!

Seriously, I need my own post code at the moment. The children are starting to be drawn toward me because I am creating a gravitational field!!

'Bought' and wrapped a present for the new baby's birthday today. It is a children's atlas that she got from the book shelf and it is wrapped in a bandanna. Apparently, we are going to read it to the new baby on it's birthday and the new baby will LOVE IT!
We switched the kids rooms over yesterday so she is now in her 'new room' and thinks it's rather swish. She spends a fair bit of time in there and I have taken the opportunity to implement afternoon rest time again in preparation for the baby being born. Erin has taken to it quite well and enjoys reading to herself. Although, I highly suspect she is actually asleep at the moment!
We have had the odd late night lately, what with Mummy moving so slow.
I had promised her that we would go and see some snow on Sabbath, and wouldn't you know Friday night was exceptionally mild and there wasn't a flake to be found!! She took it quite well and we just went on one of the short walks up in the highlands. She loved running along the board walk and looking at all the plants etc. It wasn't quite the same as finding some snow to "make a ball out of the snow and throw it at DADDY and it will be FUNNY!!" but it sufficed this time. I am hoping it snows before the baby is born so we can take her up again.

is still battling with the eye teeth, almost all through the poor love! He is being loved to bits by Erin at the moment (or "EEEEEE" as he calls her) and the feeling is mutual. He goes up to her often just to throw his arms around her. It is very cute!
His newest word is "down" which he says whilst collapsing on the floor at the end of the song "Only A Boy Named David" (play-acting that he is Goliath).
We washed his bear on Sunday which was a traumatic experience when he spotted Red Bear on the clothes line!! He got over it though and the smelly old bear is, at least temporarily, the -not-quite-so-smelly old bear.
His other new party trick is folding his hands for grace, which just melts my heart!

The new baby:
is LOW down now. No more kicks to the ribs, funny nerve feelings in my leg when a head rests on a major nerve too long and a general feeling of impending exit.

The house:
if you ignore the kitchen, is great! Nesting kicking in even more. The kitchen, however, suffers because it is being used so consistently and not cleaned QUITE as consistently as it should be. Last night Jon made 1kg of mince into spag bol to freeze and another kilo into rissoles to freeze. Last Friday I made 5 meatloaves to freeze, 24 muffins for the church luncheon, lentil patties for the church luncheon, Challah bread for opening Sabbath (tastes fantastic, I also made 3 loves for the freezer!) and the usual Friday night roast. Thursday night Jon did Pumpkin soup for the church luncheon (enough to feed everyone at church plus us for another two or three meals!!) - so you can see that the kitchen has been fairly well in use lately! I just need a maid to clean it!

The garden:
I have to come to terms with the fact that there are limits to what I can achieve. I needed a rest after digging 1/2 a square meter on Sunday, much to my frustration, and Jon had to remind me that I AM over 8 months pregnant and those women who had their babies in the field did it all day every day AND quite a few died of post partum bleeding etc. so perhaps I am not a wuss if I slow down a bit. I still hope to get it a bit better, but fully turned and planted out before the baby comes is a little unrealistic *sigh*

A couple of pics, I will get around to putting more up soon!

Yay!! I'm 3!!!
Talking to the chooks through the window.


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