Wednesday, August 15, 2007

how did ANOTHER week slip by?

Short one this week, I'm trying to get the house back on track and I am ALMOST there!

has got a fantastic little kit called the "Ruby Doll" kit and she and I started making the Ruby doll this morning. She SEWED!! Used the needle and all. She sat on my knee and I guided it all very closely, but she most definately sewed herself! Talk about grown up. She was also wearing pigtails for MOST of the day today.

was very sick last week. Went to bed with a bit of a fever on Thursday night having been 'off' for a few days. Woke up in a pile (and I do mean PILE) of his own vomit at around 9-9:30pm then threw up all over me too as I took him to the bathroom to clean him up. He ran a fever and was generally unhappy for about two or three days then it disappeared. leaving me very tired! Nobody else got it though, thankfully. He is back to his usual, merry self now though.

The New Baby:
is going to be almost as long (or perhaps even longer) than the big brother judging by the kicks in the ribs happening at the same time as headbuts to the pelvis! Erin has ordered a "Merry-go-round cake with horses on it" for the new baby's birthday. I have a round cake in the freezer ready, but I think I may just get some plastic horses and bung them around the edge. I bounce back fairly quickly after birth, but not THAT quickly!

The house:
got pretty nasty at a certain point over the last week! Not keeping to routines and getting destracted easily ment that I didn't FINISH anything for a few days - including vacuuming the lounge room floor! Add a bunch of naturally messy kids and the fact that the little I did was so SLOW because of the bump, I am surprised Jon didn't just turn around and leave again when he opened the door! LOL This morning I got up before the family (as my home management book says I am SUPPOSED to) and had a cup of peppermint tea, read my Bible and spent some time in prayer before I got going. Lo and behold, I got more done today than I have all week! I knew there was a reason I had a home management book! The washing never missed a beat because of my lovely new 7.5kg washer. It has pretty lights and is new so managed to maintain my interest :P

The garden:
is looking good. I am making slow progress turning over the green house. Billy had a fantastic time with me in there on Sunday. I put him in a sling on my back while I dug and he banged on my back, made horsey noises and tapped the roof of the green house to make the condensation rain down! Great fun!


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