Tuesday, August 07, 2007

He's Here!!

Another week, another update! Bek and Shane, some good friends of ours, have had their baby. A healthy, bouncing baby boy Stephen Jon - 9lb 10.5 oz, born at home, delivered by Daddy on the bathroom floor!! Although I am told Bek had a bit to do with it too LOL Their older daughter is six weeks older than Billy, so it is a milestone in MY pregnancy for them to have their baby. It feels like we will be seeing OUR baby in six weeks or less now. Please keep praying for Baby Matthew who has been experiencing some breathing difficulties.

had a birthday on Sunday and is now a big three year old girl. She had a fantastic weekend with Church and Nanny and Poppy arriving on Saturday, morning presents, going on a special 'date' with Daddy to Launceston and picking up Nana Julie from the plane, coming home from Launceston to a house full of balloons and streamers and a special birthday tea and MORE presents on Sunday then having Nana Julie stay for a few days. She is like a pig in mud. When asked what she wanted for her birthday tea she asked for "some veggies and a drink" so that was easy. The pink train cake that she had been talking about for a month or more was not to be however, on the Sunday morning she was ADAMANT that she wanted a BLUE train cake! Why is beyond me. But blue she got. She got a Dr's kit, among other things, for her birthday and we have all been having regular check ups since. She is so grown up and more precious every day.

enjoyed Erin's birthday ALMOST as much as she did! Although he seems to be getting yet another tooth. Still my usual boy though with the sunshine and thunder. He is still obsessed with stacking wood and will spent half an hour or more picking up small bits of wood or kindling and poking them into the wood stacks.

Our newest bubba:
is getting more and more eagerly anticipated. It is the delicious I-want-to-still-be-pregnant-but-I-can't-wait-to-meet-the-baby stage! I couldn't restrain myself anymore and made the baby's bed today. About four or five weeks too early I know, but I couldn't help myself. I am feeling a little tired today and bub has been sitting up high kicking into my diaphragm, but I still love being pregnant!

The house:
is benefiting from a visit from my Mum and a new 7.5 kg washing machine! Nearly all the washing is DONE! It could still do with a little tidying, but over all it isn't too bad. I am going to have to bring myself to take down the streamers and balloons sometime soon though.

The Garden:
has some new pansies and a polyanthus that Jon bought for Erin during their 'date'. We planted them in the garden next to the clothes line. Jon also got me a pruining saw so look our trees! The green house is slowly getting dug over ready to be planted out.

Big Projects:
Our big project this week was Erin's birthday, which went well. I will post some pics when I have a minute.


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