Monday, May 07, 2007

Well here I am, take two on this entry (computer ate the last one!). House is controlled chaos, but the controlled part is progress so I guess I shouldn't complain! I am just going to make time to blog today.


is lovely! She's learning scripture at the moment and has almost got John 3:16 down pat (still needs a little prompting sometimes) and has started on Genisis 1:1 today. This led to a quick coaching session on the pronounciation of "created" and a discussion of "beginning" and "created" and the meanings thereof. She is still my best helper and I'd rather have her assisting me on many tasks than most adults!


otherwise known as destructo-boy has broken a quiche dish and climbed every item of furniture imaginable (he can hang off tables by only his arms and often does 'chin ups'!) but still declined to walk today - in spite of the fact he can stand up, sit down and stand dancing on the spot. I think he just thinks crawling is faster. This same little boy who can drive me to the edge of distraction can charm me in a moment with a giggle, grin or hug. Sunday morning the kids were settled and I jumped back into bed with Jon for a moment. I got caught up listening to an article on the radio and Erin came to find us. I asked "Where's Billy Sweetheart?" She answered "Oh, eating butter, I'll go get him." Lesson learned, butter now kept on a higher shelf!

The Littlest Bubba's:

movements can be felt (and seen!) from the outside now. My waist band often suffers assaults from the inside if bubba considers them too tight. We are booked in for the Ultrasound next week and now that we are moved I am looking forward to preparing for the arrival of this new child.

The house:

As I said, is controlled chaos. The weather has prevented an all out assault on the laundry but we have called an uneasy truce. It stays in the hamper or laundry, I don't bring in the flame thrower. The kitchen is just made for cooking in and I have been making a point of having each evening meal be an occassion. We often have candles and my crock pot has been working overtime, especially as I often use it to make apple and cinnamon porridge for breakfast! (pop it in the night before and yum!).

The "farm":

is fantastic with the chooks doing great, although we are yet to see an egg. The breed is "Brahama" and apparently they are great for cold weather. We planted some bulbs yesterday and picked some tomatoes from the green house. I have grand plans, it is just a matter of time, energy and money!

Big Projects:

Erin's jacket is still growing away, I need to knit to keep myself awake at night in front of the TV. The craft room is starting to look like it may be ready for craft sometime soon too which is exciting. The usual nesting, creative hormones are buzzing around and I have grand plans of decorating the house, clothing the children (and me!) and finishing the un-finished object (UFO) stash that I boxed up and brought with me from the old house.

I had better keep moving!


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