Wednesday, May 16, 2007

napped Wednesday for the first time in ages. She still isn't completely recovered from her cold and a few disturbed nights have gotten to her. It was strange to go about the house just Billy and I and I found I missed her! She has reached the stage of continual chatter and questions which can be a little wearing at times, but over all is fantastic. She is wonderful with Billy (most of the time!) and when we went to have the Ultrasound the week she was riveted to the screen to look at our new baby. When we stopped in to see my midwife Erin informed her that "Jesus put our new baby in a special bag in Mummy's tummy called a womb!" :D

is still only walking in short spurts, finding that crawling is faster at the moment. But he is so proud of every achievement he makes. He is thrilled with the fact that he can clap hands, wave and play peek-a-boo. As strong willed and vocal as ever he yelled all the way through our Ultrasound this week (it was 8am and we didn't have a chance for breakfast beforehand!) but brightened up once he had some food in him. He has been 'helping' me unpack the spare room/my study today which has been lovely.

The Littlest Bubba:
has all ten fingers and toes in the right places - according to the ultrasound anyway - and there is only one in there. I have rounded out a lot over the last week or so and bubba is much more active (the bed-shaking kicks have started!). I am slowly easing away from the fantasy of this being a "quiet" baby!!

The house:
is much more unpacked with my study about 60% done, the lounge, bathroom, kitchen and kid's rooms clear of boxes and the pantry sorted out. Laundry has breed out of control as the washing machine is acting up and with the wet weather I am unable to get things dry. So we're running out of clothes!! My crock pot lid has bit the dust, it smashed when it was dropped on the floor, and I'm not game to do many dishes in there with only foil over the top. I miss it terribly!!

The 'Farm':
is now minus one chook due to my dopey dog :(. As she has persistantly harassed chooks (ours and the neighbours) since we got here she is going to have to be re-housed which breaks my heart but it isn't fair on her to be kept in a small run, only let out for walks on a leash, for the rest of her life. We still have grand plans and have done a bit of weeding etc in the green house but the wet weather and the to-do list inside has kept us busy!

Big projects:
It has become apparent that even knitting doesn't keep me awake in front of the TV so the jacket has stalled yet again! I have got some more sewing supplies - now to set up my sewing room!


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