Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quick update today. My kitchen is calling me!!

has been a little 'off' (sleeping lots, very tired, off her food etc) so we took her to the doctor today. He gave her a clean bill of health other than a bit of a virus. Of course, she started picking up this morning didn't she!! She is still sleeping (got sent to bed at lunch time, if we are too tired to use table manners we are too tired to be out of bed!) at the moment though and I am thinking we will take things fairly slow for a while.

is still faking that he can't walk - crawling is just too efficient! I am not too stressed though. He is just taking full advantage of each developmental stage!! No rush. He can do the actions to some of the songs we sing during songs and prayers in the morning which just melts me. Anyone who says a baby his age can't be taught to obey etc. hasn't spent time with this boy! He CAN clearly learn to obey (if he can do the actions to "Running Over"!) he just needs me to be a bit firmer and more consistant!

Littlest Bubba:
is being very well anticipated! I put the basinette in my study this week and took out all the stuff that was inside it. I have managed to restrain myself from putting on blankets and sheets or sorting and washing clothes.

The House:
is almost completely taken over by laundry at the moment. There is a mountain range of washing waiting to be washed and two clothes horses full in front of the heater. The joys of a Tassie winter mean that washing does not get completely dry outside very often, even on fine days, and I am trying to restrict the use of the dryer because of the power bill. Kitchen is slowly being reclaimed after getting to "bomb site status" (a day or two without full maintainance takes a week or two to fix!) and I will be needing it with Billy's birthday comming up and a Church Lunchon and my freezer in dire need of a top up! Not to mention I should start preparing for those last few weeks of pregnancy when I won't want to move let alone cook a gormet meal each night!

The Farm:
Grizzy has a new home which was very sad for us but for the best. The chooks may even lay now! The garden is crying out for some attention.

Big Projects:
Still unpacking....... We will get there one day!


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