Friday, March 30, 2012

Postcard from Melbourne

I have so much to say but not much time to write now-days so take this as a postcard (without the picture) and a promise of more later.

We are currently staying with friends who recently moved to a much larger house than they are used to so in spite of the fact that we have ten children under eight between us, we all seem to be co-habiting pretty well.

Kaylee has stayed out of hospital since that last "vomiting green" emergency trip.  Her cardiologist is very pleased with her and we won't have to have another cardio assessment for six months, and then it will probably be in Tassie.  She will need another surgery to deal with her leaky pulmonary valve and artery but we are hoping that won't be until she is grown and can have the adult solution rather than a temporary kid fix.

Kaylee will have a general surgery review for her tummy surgery on April 11 and we will then know what type of surgeries she will need (we have a fair idea now, we just need the official stamp) and we will be able to talk about dates. 

We are planning to stay in Melbourne until after the gen. surg. review on April 11 - but if you are planning to rob our house you should know we have a very vicious cat who is being fed regularly by the armed guard who patrols our property.

Erin's croup is continuing to improve and the only trace left is a bit of a husky voice.

Andrew had a quick trip to emergency for steroids due to croup Wednesday night but seems OK now although extremely clingy and whingy - which is to be expected.

Billy spent 36 hours vomiting with a fever starting Monday but is OK now and by some miracle nobody else got it in spite of 5 kids sleeping in the same room, many of them sharing beds.

So far the kids belonging to the family we are staying with seem in good health - again, a miracle!

My lovely friends at the hospital have wrangled the system to get us a decent feed pump to use while we are in Melbourne and by the time we get back to Tassie the new tender should be in force and we should have a decent one there too.

Once the kids are healthy and rested we are hoping to do a bit of sight seeing and tourist-y stuff but right now we are powering down and re-connecting as a family.

The weather is......Melbourne weather.

Glad to be not in hospital.

Wish you actually, we are enjoying a bit of space right now.

Will rejoin society at some point.



Momma Bug said...

Good to hear.

Thanks and don't forget to see the tulip fields while you're there :-)

Seaweed and Raine said...

Good to hear the positive progress. Enjoy the time re-connecting and healing.
The red tram in the centre of Melb is free ;) (thought the boys might particularly like that one)and there is a nice walk along the river and pretty parks right in the centre for picnicing. Other than that, not sure what touristy stuff is available, but I'm sure you find plenty to do. :)
S xox

DaughterofEve said...

Ummm, tulip fields are in October :(, but Puffing Billy steam train is still happily puffing up in the Dandenongs. Your Billy might like that one. :)

Hope your rest and recuperation is peaceful and serene!