Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm back.....again

Sorry I have been neglecting the blog for a week or so. Jon was VERY ill with a nasty tummy bug which chewed up a lot of time plus there have been a few disruptions this end. We are back on track though.

has developed a phobia of running taps. She is worried that I will flood the house for some reason. She has full hysterics about it. I am slowly talking her down out of it. I have to remind her that if I overflow the basin all that will happen will be me saying "Oh bother, oh dear!" then we will have to work together as a team to clean it up. Her absolute terror of things is almost frightening to watch! We are reading Charlotte's Web at the moment and we are both really enjoying it! Her conversation is getting more and more grown up and articulate. Tonight she was able to tell me the happiest, saddest, most exciting and cleverest thing she did today! Happiest - bouncing on the trampoline, Saddest - getting in trouble for being naughty, most exciting - going to visit the Unterbergers and playing with their toys, cleverest - counting to ten on my toes!

got his chickenpox jab the other day and didn't even squeak! I was expecting him to howl the place down but he didn't even blink. His vocab has gone through the roof and he is a real conversationalist now. He is speaking more clearly too. Tonight "Milk please Mama" sounded like "Mik peas Mama" which is leaps and bounds on what he was attempting two weeks ago. We have a game where I ask him "Have I told you today that I love you?" and he says "Nooooooo" and I say "Oh but I do I do I do!!" and give him cuddles and kisses then ask "Have I told you today that I think you're special?" and he says "Noooooooo" and so we go on for ages. We both love it! As always he is my full on little boy and he has emptied two handsoap pumps all over the basin in the last few days! There are moments when he gets very frustrated at not being able to make himself understood now he has started getting the speech going too. But as always with Billy this is soon followed by giggles, grins and great big hugs!

does NOT like needles! The poor love cried more than he has in his whole life. It took at least five or ten minutes to get him settled again! He is still sleeping all night and happily throwing up liters per day. He grins, laughs and has a go at babbling some times. He can now suck his own hand and sits there noisily slurping at it. He is so laid back and in no hurry to do anything much other than drink and gaze adoringly into my eyes. It is hard to think that in a few months he will be rolling over and giving crawling a go! I am finding it hard enough to come to terms with him sucking his hand already.

The house:
is still looking great after the Unterbergers. The kitchen is being thoroughly cleaned every night and I am well on the way to making that a proper habit! Erin is learning to dry the dishes those times when we only have a couple of bowls and it isn't worth taking them out to the dishwasher. And I have actually been using my craft room for *shock* CRAFT!

is going great! Seedlings are planted all over the place, flowers are blooming. I am pulling up a lot of weeds, especially cooch in the green house, but so far I'd say I am on top of it. I planted a lavender plant the other day next to a rose near the trampoline behind the garden shed. I am picking armloads of flowers for inside all the time.

I finished Erin's pillowcase to go with her doona cover - then Christopher threw up on them both before she had a chance to use them, or even take a photo! You gotta love little brothers.


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