Friday, July 20, 2007

Well, I think I have earned a little on-line time after baking 3 pies, 24 muffins, a loaf of bread and a meatloaf PLUS vacuuming the house, bringing in 4 loads of washing, hanging 1 load on the clothes horse, digging in about 2 square meters of the greenhouse and spending quality time with both of the children. Gosh I'm tired now though!

is delightful as always. Her imaginary world is so vivid, she was playing with a monkey and a kangaroo the other day while I hung out the washing! She has taken to trying to carry Billy around sometimes which he thinks is hysterical (until she falls over on top of him!). She has been playing the keyboard a fair bit since we got the adapter to plug into it. She sat with me for 45 minutes this morning while I practiced and counted time for me. She still has a great sense of musicality and I really must get her into some type of structured lessons once the new bubba is settled. She is constantly singing, both known songs and 'original compositions'. The other day I left the room and came back in to her serenading her Dad with a lovely rendition of "Jesus Loves Me"

is perfecting the art of putting things away. Consequently I have found a few interesting items in the bin! He pulled down Erin 's pencil box onto the floor today and by the time I got there he had put nearly half back in! He is such a clever kid. Jon and I were watching a doco on the ABC called Brat Camp last night and quite a few parents of these out of control teens indicated that they had been "full on" since birth. I said to Jon that if handled incorrectly, that would be our son!! He has the potential to be anything he wants, but I daresay whatever he is will be extreme. Therefore we have to be sure to bend the branch the way we want the tree to grow - so to speak! I have gotten better at not spoiling him, the big blue eyes aren't working on me now. Well, not quite as often.

The Newest Bubba:
is at the 'poking out' stage now which means I get to tickle tiny feet through my belly! I also get the shapes of various limbs poking out at random moments. It just becomes more and more real every day. I have been washing baby clothes and nearly sobbed into a few little items because they are so cute and hold such precious memories from my older two. Erin helped choose the baby's first outfits and she kept holding up items and crying "Oh, this one was my FAVOURITE when I was a little baby" LOL I love the sweet anticipation of preparing for a baby!

The House:
is in full nesting swing so it goes from piles of washing and banks of dishes to very tidy.

The Garden:
is getting a similar treatment with big plans for the green house. Wintersweet is blooking next to the clothes line and the scent is DIVINE.

Big Projects:
still working on everything with very little finished! Keeping the house ticking over is priority for me.


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