Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another week has somehow slipped by and everything is chuffing along at a great pace!

has decided she wants a pink train cake for her birthday (in August, but hey, plan ahead!). She has been having bouts of really poor behaviour lately and I have been putting a fair bit of effort into keeping her by me and productively engaged during the day as I think she was getting too much free choice. It is tricky for an almost-three-year-old to realise that after choosing which toys to play with, which room to play in and when to swap activities it is NOT optional to be well mannered, respectful and obedient! The results have been really good and I have found that we are enjoying each others company more and more. I am also tweaking the routine so we fit in more craft time etc. which is lots of fun. She has a night light now that we bought on Monday. It is just a plain one that plugs into the powerpoint and has a sensor to turn on when it is dark. She loves it, I found her reading to it the other day!

has added "Yuck!" and "Nan-nan" to the vocab this week. The yuck was in reference to his sister's morning nappy this morning so it was very apt! He is such a little boy now. Today he was giving Millie, Erin's baby doll, cuddles and kisses which was adorable. It makes me look forward to seeing him with his younger sibling, although it was also a reminder of how closely I am going to have to supervise him because his kisses still involve teeth occassionally. On Monday he spent a few hours strapped into the hug-a-bub while I was running errands in Launceston and he did fabulously well snuggled in chest-to-chest perched on the baby bump! It was surprisingly comfortable actually. The main reason I don't use it more often is because it takes a bit of stuffing around to put on, but it is great for running around town.

The Littlest Bubba:
spent most of that time on Monday kicking Billy which was amusing! Definately head down from all the foot activity I am getting up top now. Six days until I can start sorting clothes! I had someone say today "Oh it will be tougher with three, you only have two hands". First reaction was "Duh" my second thought was "how many things with the other kids could I do one handed anyway?" and then I thought "I have Erin's set of hands now!" which is very, very useful :) I think we will cope somehow.

The Garden:
is still being pruned and weeded, although I am not getting enough time to do it for my liking! I am expecting some fabulous roses this summer with all the attention they have gotten. Nearly all the various car parts etc. are in the garage now so we look a lot less like a wrecker's yard now.


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