Thursday, July 12, 2007

A bit of a hectic week!

Nothing special that made it so I guess, I just feel like I have been flat out. We had our first rental inspection this morning that was a bit nerve racking. The house was fine, the children were abominable!! Just goes to show doesn't it?? Anyway,

has discovered how to count. Rather than just pointing to something and saying "onetwothreefourfive.." she does one-to-one correspondence and actually counts what is there. She is still thrilled with her night light, although I haven't caught her reading stories to it for a while.

has learned to say "tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!!!" which is very amusing. Especially as he tries to tickle his plate or a chair. He moves like greased lightening, especially when there is mischief involved, and breaks out the cuddles and kisses with great regularity.

The Newest Bubba:
is now well and truely there. I have to wake up and rearrange 3 different pillows to roll over (one under the belly, one between the knees and the one under my head LOL). I am getting out the baby clothes tomorrow :D I restrained myself a few extra days because of the inspection.

The Garden:
has a freshly planted bed which will be spring flowers (hopefully!) and lots more pruning.

I forgot to mention last week I am redoing my home management book which takes up a fair bit of time at the moment.


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