Thursday, June 07, 2007

prayer request and update

Urgent Prayer Request

A woman whose blog I have been reading for quite some time that has been a great source of inspiration to me is hospitalised 1.5 hours away from her family with baby #9. She is expected to remain there until bub is born and perhaps for a time afterward (she is due almost the same time I am). Please pray for her and her family.

Now on to our family...

is still obsessed with human anatomy and is asking more questions every day ("Where does the water go when you let the plug out Mummy?" "What's inside the light Daddy?" "What's inside Billy?"). It is a wonderful challenge to keep up to her active mind. She has another scripture added to her memory verse caterpillar which is now adorning the wall above the kitchen/lounge room door. She is also enjoying Billy's birthday presents!

had his twelve month jabs today and was very brave. He is eating enough for ten men and his knees are calloused from crawling. I have sprung him practising walking short distances when nobody is watching so I think walking is not far away. He loved his first birthday with cake and presents (yes, photos are on the way) and has learned to make car noises as he pushes his toy cars along.

Littlest bubba:
is happy and active and I can't wait for him or her to arrive! Erin is determined that this one is a girl and if I had to guess I'd agree :) Newborns are in serious danger of being kidnapped around me at the moment!

The house:
is looking great! Mum came and slay the laundry monster for me (it took her all week and a trip into town to use the laundromat dryers but she did it!) for which I am SO thankful! She also bought me a new crock pot! I still use the old one for some things with foil over the top so it is almost like having two which is brilliant (one for veg, one for meat or one for breakfast porridge and one for tea - the possibilities are endless!). There has been sunshine for the last few days (after sub-zero nights) so for the first time ever the lounge is devoid of both clothes horses and boxes! It feels so bare! I have also started stocking up the freezer ready for the very pregnant months.

The Farm:
Yet to see any eggs but the chooks are looking very fat! Garden needs some work though.

Big Projects:
ALMOST finished unpacking. Billy's birthday is out of the way now and Mum killed the laundry monster - surely this means some free time soon???


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