Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another update

Some of you may remember my prayer request for Kim who was facing prem labor. Well her son, Matthew Isaac, has arrived weighing all of 2 pounds! They are still in need of prayers, it is worth reading about their adventures so far so click here for the web site.

has decided that she is going to be a nurse when she grows up. She wants to be a special type of nurse called a midwife that helps mummies and babies at the moment. We were discussing the different types of nurses and I mentioned that Nana Julie is a special type of nurse called a "Psychiatric Nurse" and she takes care of people whose minds and hearts are sick, sad and confused (explaining mental illness to a less-than-three-year-old isn't easy!). Instantly she replied "Oh, I'm sad and confused!" LOL Last night while I was lying on the floor she came over and started gently pressing my tummy with the flat of her fingers like she has seen the midwife do, it was very cute! She has developed a fear of the dark which I suspect is partially her age and partially people talking over the top of her head asking if she is afraid of the dark etc. because it started just after someone did that. At the age of nearly three, she is very open to suggestion. We are going to get her a little night light but for now we leave Jon's study light on across the hall. Hopefully, she will just get over it soon.

is walking well and truly now, pretty much running at times! It is amazing the change that brings about, he is definately a little boy now not a baby anymore. He has his two top molars coming through at once. He has one nap now instead of two (11am-1pm). He is verbalising well, even if there aren't many actual words ("Dada" - Daddy, "quack" - duck, "woof" - pretty much anything with fur, "EEEEEE!!" - Erin, "MMMMMM!!" - Mummy, I'm annoyed. "bbbbrrrrr" - elephant, "bruuuummm" - I'm playing with a car or truck, "OOOOOOOOTTTT!!!" - I can hear a train going past outside, and many, many more). He eats a huge amount and still enjoys a few serves of boobie juice a day but there isn't an ounce of fat on him. That is what happens when you go non-stop I guess!

The Littlest Bubba:
is growing well, moving lots and seems very happy and healthy. Other than some lower back/hip pain I am doing really well too. I've started knitting a little pink hat just in case of a girl and we're counting down to the 30 week mark at which point I will start preparing clothes and bedding :) We just have to arrange someone to take the kids while bubba is actually being born. We may have to take them into Launceston with us and have someone meet us at the birth centre. If this one is a 4 hour or less labor like Billy was I don't want to be giving birth on the side of the road so we have limited time to wait for anyone to come out to our house to watch the kids.

The house:
is now getting back on track after an extended period of neglect. I am banned from novels and story books of any kind for a while as I have NO self control and the children and house were neglected badly while I finished a trilogy in about two weeks (about 3000 pages all up!). Routine is the key to getting it back in line and it is amazing what just a day or two of proper routine can do! Home making isn't about being perfect all the time, it's about being able to get back on track after a detour - that's what I tell myself anyway! There are telling signs of neglect on the children though in that they will try and get away with things that they wouldn't have before because they got used to Mummy being stuck in a book and not paying attention!

The Garden:
is getting pruned to within an inch of it's life! Jon is getting the chainsaw out to do some of the roses soon, which should tell you just how overgrown things are. I have started weeding the green house which is chock a block full of chick weed. It should make nice compost.

Big Projects:
We have moved a great big table into my craft room which has ment that I have had to re-arrange the craft room. But I do have some fabric out and definate plans of getting started on a beautiful quilt for Erin that I have been mulling over for about four months now. I also want to finish a doona cover and pillow case that I started last year so it is ready for her birthday.


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