Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good news and bad news

Well, I have bad news and good news but you are only getting the bad news for now I am afraid! The owners are selling. The real estate agent showed himself to be completely ignorant of tenancy law when he showed up ten minutes after leaving a message on my mobile to take photos of the house, so I have politely reminded him that I specifically requested 24 hours notice. He replied "Oh, I'll try next time" so I checked the actual Tenancy Act and he is required to give 24 hours notice in writing, 48 hours if intending to bring perspective buyers through. I will be letting him know this, and the $5,000 fine for each time he fails to give proper notification! I am willing to assist him in a polite manner if he respects the fact that it may be the land-lord's house, but it is OUR home.

has a cold (as do Billy and I) but is very happy and chirpy none-the-less. She misses her Nanny and Poppy after spending the weekend getting thoroughly spoilt and doted on. She and her cousin Breah played so beautifully! They are both fantastic little girls. Her molars seem like they are through and we are now getting *some* Poos in the Potty! It has been a long, slow road but there is a glimmer of hope. She is becoming so helpful around the house, already an expert duster, gopher and picker-up-er-er. She does her chores with very little prompting after the first instruction and almost dresses herself as I dress Billy. I am so proud of her independence and self motivation. Some may think I am 'making' her grow up too fast, but I feel she gains so much self esteem from doing stuff for herself. My feeling is the children who are left to fill in their own time with little direction are forced to grow up quicker as they often involve themselves in things that are not age appropriate (i.e. violent tv shows), often using deception to hide it from their parents. Children who are allowed to accompany and assist Mummy and are given age appropriate 'jobs' are allowed to be little children much longer - anyway, off the soap box now!

is working on tooth number 6! He is also crawling very, very fast and walking around furniture AND standing unassisted for about 3 or 4 second before hitting the deck. He is sporting the appropriate amount of bruising for a little boy of his active nature and has to be told about 50 times a day not to climb on the entertainment unit or the heater - both of which are extraordinarily interesting for some reason! His sleeping pattern was greatly disturbed for a few days as tooth number 5 made an appearence (a few nights only going 1 or 2 hours at a time) but once the tooth was through we applied a little 'tough love' and he has gone back to 4-5 hours over night. I was contemplating pushing him to go more, but then this cold hit so not yet.

The house:
is ever so slowly getting organised with the laundry under control and my new home management book finally finished and printed. I haven't been sticking to it well today and the last couple of days actually because I have been sick and tired, but even so the laundry is up to date and tea was in the crock pot last night for my Beloved Hubby when he came home to get tools to go fix the car so he could eat and run and I even managed to vacuum and reload the dishwasher today in spite of sleeping on the couch most of the morning.

The garden:
is amazing, we have picked cucumber and capsicum and a few cherry tomatoes. There is so much just waiting to ripen! We have picked a few peaches and pears. The peaches on the tree that got all the TLC are still all green but they are quite big. The sunflowers are budding and we even have a sweet pea flower or two! I am disinclined to do too much around the garden when it may well be that we have to move again this year, but I still love my garden!

has been only the pink jacket and sadly, not much of that. I am just finding it hard to make the time with so much else going on. I WILL get back to it though.


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