Monday, January 22, 2007

Summer days are lovely, summer rain is better!

We got a decent rain over the weekend which was fantastic! It cooled things off a bit and wet the garden down.

is getting her 2 year old molars, which explains the increased appearance of the 'diva tiara' over the last few days/weeks. She has still managed to be quite a good girl considering. She is excellent at getting breakfast ready in the morning for both of us. Yesterday she even tried pouring cornflakes with only minimal wastage.

has 4 teeth now and is getting pretty determined to work out this walking bizzo. He bit me on the nose today, twice and deliberately instigates and plays games of peek-a-boo. I think tooth number 5 is on its way. He is waking a fair bit over night these last two or three nights. When I go in he is standing at the end of the cot and jumps up and down when he sees me. I think he may possibly be a little spoilt!

The house:
is still in need of a bit of a de-clutter, but the garden glut is still taking most of my 'free' time! Crawling babies are good motivation to keep things up off the floor though.

The garden:
looks amazing, I need to take more photos. The tomato plants are now over 6 foot tall and I picked our first 2 ripe cherry tomatoes today. Fresh lettuce every day and snacking on peas straight off the bush. The pears are starting to ripen and a tinge of colour is hitting the prune plums although the purple gauges are now finished. I made a pie, 5 jars of jam and about a litre of stewed plums to freeze last night just out of the purple gauges. The apples on the apple tree are starting to turn red, the cucumber and zucchini are flowering as are the potatoes and nasturtiums. The passion fruit only needs to ripen too. It is just flat out!

Erin is starting to get excited about her pink jacket as I start on the third panel. I held it up to her to see if it is the right size on Friday and she was besotted with it. She did ask me to make her a matching hat, but I said I would get back to her on that one!


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