Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm here still and alive! Cooking plums!!

Well it has been AGES but I will just jump back in!

is just lovely as always. Last night I asked her "Where do you think we are going tomorrow?" She replied "The Promised Land!" (church was the answer I was looking for!) There is a fabulous picture of her covered in dirt and blackberry juice in the album. She is loving the summer harvest! But more about that in the garden section. She is growing into quite the young lady now and is starting to wrap her head around being modest and not flashing her knickers to the world when she is in a dress or skirt. She is very creative telling me big long stories about the world! She has picked up a habit of controdicting people which is not very endearing ("The sky is Blue Erin" "Nooooo, the sky is not Blue!") But it is made up for with the lovely manners she is developing and the wonderful, vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic little girl that is Erin!

is on the move. Not walking on his own yet - but I do say yet! I really wasn't prepared for this quite yet! He is just on the go from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to sleep. He now pulls himself up to standing in his cot and hangs over the top to talk to Erin. It is adorable to see him with Grizz. I looked over the other day to see her laying with her head in his lap as he pulled her ears. She just takes anything from the kids! He is eating like nothing I have ever seen, polished off two jars of baby food when we went out to tea last night! He also 'sang' at the top of his lungs to entertain the other diners.

The house:
is gradually improving. I have *almost* found my study with the new shelves and filing cabnet that Jon bought over Christmas. I have been cooking madly with the glut of fruit we have had - plum jam, stewed plums, plum pie. I am also going to attempt canning some fruit, just for something different! I have taken to getting up early (5am-ish) to pack Jon a lunch and have some 'me' time before the kids wake up. It is amazing how full that time has gotten and I still don't have the house immaculate!

The garden:
is growing like nobody's business! Tomato plants almost 6 foot tall (had to start training the tops horozontally because the stakes weren't high enough!) Fresh lettuce every day, peas straight off the plant (snow peas and sugar peas) and PLUMS! Lots of Plums. My favourites are the Purple Gage Plums from the back of the yard, the taste like nectar from the gods!!!

Have been too busy with other matters at the moment, but will get back into it soon, I have too many projects not to!


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