Saturday, May 12, 2012

Poems by my big kids

Erin has a membership to the kids science club run by the CSIRO and gets the bi-monthly magazine.  The most recent one has a competition for kids to win a plush toy if they write a poem about the Kakapo - a critically endangered ground dwelling parrot from New Zealand.  Anyone who knows Billy will know that he has a strong adoration for plush toys!  So he and Erin have written the following poems with very little help from me (I asked Billy what rhymed with 'much' after he wrote the first two lines and he took it from there).  The result of many afternoons reading poetry over tea and biscuits I think!  A couple of the many reasons I am proud of my two big kids.

The Kakapo
By William “Billy “ Steven Guest (age 5)

The Kakapo is nice to me
I love him so very much
He hides in plants and things
He would be soft to touch
They take care of their chicks
They climb into trees with their claws
That is so very true
Until cats come with their paws

The Cute Kakapo
By Erin Guest (age 7)

The Kakapo is very cute
And it has a green feathery suit
Even though it’s a flightless bird
The male makes a boom that can always be heard
The kakapo is very nice
Until a cat comes up to slice
We should protect the kakapo
And so
We should keep our cats indoors
To keep mischief from their paws


Momma Bug said...

Those are AWESOME!
Kind of morbid imaginations they hose, those two and cats claws ;-D

Momma Bug said...

They "HAVE" I tried to type.

On second thought, they are rather realistic thinking children :-D

Seaweed and Raine said...

Fantastic work guys! Hope Billy gets his plush toy! ;)

Leisa - LMD - AussieHS said...

very sweet, clever kids!