Thursday, May 10, 2012

No news is good news

We finally got rid of the colds (or URTI's - upper respiratory tract infections.  Somewhere along the line I have started talking in acronyms)

We are waiting for our general surgeon to get back from holidays and give us a surgery dare he have a life!

There is sunshine.

There are dimples.

There are zoos.

Life  is beautiful.

And hopefully in a few weeks there will be substantially less vomit.

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HomeGrownKids said...

Oh my! I was only thinking about you about 15minutes ago... thinking I must ge tback here to your blog. But I'm time poor lately but I knew that God had put you on my mind, so I prayed instead.

Then doing a quick flick through my rss reader and here's a post from you!I love Godincidences.

Thanks for the update- hoping that you, DH, Kaylee and the other little buttons are all well. :)