Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Update In Pictures - the last six months

Guess who found the card reader? That would be me!

So our last six months of photos are in the process of being sorted, here's a sample....

has been training medical students who, quite frankly, are like trained monkeys!

She's also been bonding with her sister

Caging wild animals (yes, that is Billy in there, APPARENTLY he was in on the game)

and having a birthday

Most recently, she's been in training for the next mad scientist

has been creating wonderful nature collections of....dirt.

having a birthday of his own

and making alien eyes

Most recently, he's been wondering if having a sister with medical aspirations is all it cracked up to be...

Has been a bit exhausted

considering taking to the high seas, arrrgh

discovering the joys of playing out on a lawn

learning to mop the front hallway

has been smiling

being subjected to bunny ears

and funny hats

and being completely adorable - even with flushed, teething cheeks


Momma Bug said...

Wow! You made my day!
What a beautiful, handsome, sweet, darling, precious family you have!!!
I love to see those pictures:-)


Jess said...

My pleasure, it makes my day to have someone other than me enjoy them :-)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful aspirations - it would be great to write down what they want to be when they grow up (now), and see what they actually aspire to.

Jess said...

Currently Erin wants to be "something Medical". It varies between Doctor, nurse and midwife most of the time but dentist gets a look in every now and then.

Billy wants to be a Dairy farmer who also has pigs. There was also aspirations of having a racing car in which he would keep his pigs and be a doctor who would take care of his pigs. Cows and pigs are the two constants though and given his love of all things critter related I can see him working with animals somehow.

Christopher is car mad to the point of chewing his sandwiches into the shape of cars and "vrooming" them around his plate so whatever he does I think it will involve wheels and speed.

Anna, at this stage, is anyone's guess!