Monday, October 27, 2008


Here is the promised update!

is fully outfitted for Summer now with a quick trip to Best and Less. I got some of the prettiest little dresses with shorts to go underneath - all throw in the washing machine, cram in the clothes box then put on and wear - and some t-shirts for $40. She already had a lovely dress for 'good' wear that we got out of a hand-me-down bag (she wore it for a trip to town last week and we got stopped and complemented by 5 different people - gotta love hand-me-downs!). All we need now is some summer PJ's and we are done! She looks pretty as a picture and all of her clothes are very comfortable and practical. She has had a bit of a relapse into car-sickness unfortunately but has learned to throw up very elegantly into a bowl - I think they teach that at the good finishing schools don't they? :P

is the toughest little man ever. Last week we went into town and Daddy went to run errands while we hit the streets to do our errands. We had to leave the twin stroller at home so Billy and Erin were on foot. We walked the full length of Launceston CBD with many back tracks. We stopped at the park for a little while and he never stopped, jumping and climbing and running the whole time. As we walked into the last shop I asked Billy if his legs were tired. He looked at me wide eyed and shook his head. I fully believe he had another 5Km in him! He is turning more blond with the sun (summer has started early, I'm not real happy about that!) and often gets his bath before his afternoon nap because of the amount of dirt he picks up after being turned loose in the backyard.

still shows no inclination to walk or even stand unassisted - purely because crawling does the job and if it ain't broke why fix it! I have some brilliant photos of him jumping on the trampoline with Daddy and Billy yesterday. I will post them one day when I have MY computer! He is my delight and each 'spare' moment I get to spend with him I feel like soaking him up like a sponge because I know how quickly this time goes. He communicates very effectively with his own version of sign language (ask him if he wants more food and see his reaction, it's hilarious!) and various semi-words (Dadad, Mummmmummm etc.). He is the youngest of all of the kids to go "bbbbrrrmmm" with a toy car and has an obsession with wheels - a chip of Daddy's block??

The new baby:
is growing well and is very active. So long as I walk regularly and stay fairly active I feel pretty good, but I am reaching that stage where I need to wake up in order to roll over. I do think that if another person asks if I'm having twins I shall have to start breaking out some witty come backs. I know I'm huge, it isn't really polite to point it out! I have started planning cooking for the freezer so I can relax a bit in the later stages of pregnancy and after bubby is born. I am also throwing myself into some household organisation to try and get a handle on that. I want to be able to sit and soak up those newborn squeaks and breathe in that lovely smell.

The home:
has now got a SHOWER BASE! We are mere weeks from actually being able to have a SHOWER! No more hauling my beached-whale-esque figure in and out of the steep sided claw foot bath, being able to wash my hair PROPERLY and not having to spend forever running a bath before actually getting around to bathing. I have got some new lidded boxes for the clothes store and I am consolidating the outgrown clothes a bit. I am then going to tackle organising Beloved and my bedroom. I'd rather it be a haven than the dump it currently is. Summer weather means clothes rarely get a second wear (how to entertain three kids under 4.5: give them a bucket each of water and tell them to wash their bikes, the house, their wheelbarrow and wagon etc. - keeps them happy for hours!! Note: strict rules on water theft and exactly how many times you will refill the bucket need to be set out BEFORE you walk away) But the fact that I need to scrape a layer of mud off them is balanced by the fact that they are only wearing a dress and shorts or shorts and a t-shirt. Therefore, laundry is still mostly under control.

The garden:
has sort of ground to a halt until Jon can find time to cut down a few unwanted shrubs and get me a few trailer loads of mulch and organic matter. The soil is fairly impoverished or filled with cooch grass so it needs a fair bit of work. I am itching to do more but I don't think me using a chainsaw around the children is a good idea! In fact, without close supervision from someone who has a clue, me using a chain saw is just not a good idea! Unfortunately, the bathroom and front room take precedence.

I am still keeping active but since the bricks have all been dug up my activity levels have reduced somewhat. I am still walking regularly though. I am looking forward to when we can get a dog. I know I will get up and take a dog for a walk in the early hours of the morning, but getting up to do it myself - somehow I never hear the alarm! We only have to finish the bathroom, set up the front room, build the shed, fence the yard securely and save up some $$ THEN we can get a dog. So sometime in the next three years at this stage!!!


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