Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A quick blog before kitchen cleanup and a candle lit bubble bath. Not an indulgence, the shower still isn't functional and a possum has done something to our bathroom, kitchen and bedroom light so they don't work at the moment. I have also discovered that bubble bath stops the bath getting cold too quickly.

still has her entomologist title, spending hours watching slaters and ants. She still has a big EWWW factor where slugs are concerned though. One got on her finger today and she screamed loud enough to wake the neighbours! Her devotion to her dolls, especially her newest 'son' who she named Waylon, is touching. She keeps telling them that maybe they will get a baby brother or sister for Christmas or next year for her birthday - she is hinting for another doll! The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.

spent a large portion of the day "planting" potatoes. He also spent a fair part of the day harassing snails! He does love gardening, but he definately needed a bath before his afternoon nap. We went on a walk up at Alum Cliffs on Sabbath afternoon which he loved. He spent most of the walk holding Daddy's hand (partially to stop him running ahead!) and walked the whole way under his own steam with plenty of energy to jump off rocks when we stopped to read track markers etc. He certainly benefits heaps from having Beloved home more. He wanted to go on another family walk the next day.

spends a fair bit of time being pulled or pushed around the back yard in a wagon or wheel barrow. He thinks this is fantastic! The kids bundle him in and take off, sometimes leaving him up the other end of the yard which doesn't seem to phase him, he just crawls back! For an extreemly stubborn, opinionated, strong willed child, he is also a sunny delight. I thank God for the strong wills my children exhibit. Surely, if they can be so stubborn at home this stands them in good stead for resisting "peer pressure" in the future!

The new baby:
has a beautifully cleaned car seat ready to go into the car, we just have to test it in the new car now. My back is lots better with just the occassional twinge now. I credit a lot of walking and gardening with the 'cure'. I am finding myself slowing down a bit which is frustrating when my to-do list is so long and the weather so beautiful. It was easier to slow down when I was this pregnant mid-winter. Bub, however, shows no sign of slowing down. I am watching my belly move as I type! Erin is desperate for a sister and I keep trying to prepare her for the idea that this baby MAY be a boy.

The home:
has new wall areas in the bathroom now as well as a new floor. We have decided to get new laminex rather than re-use the horrible old stuff. It will save time and will not need replacing when we re-do the rest of the bathroom. We have ALMOST settled on a colour after debating over colour charts and samples. I have found myself neglecting some of the indoor stuff as I get wrapped up outside, but I am on top of the washing (even if it hasn't made it to the cupboards, it is clean and folded) and the house is REASONABLE, just not sparkling.

The garden:
however, is going great guns! I have dug up ALL the bricks out of the front yard and cleaned up the garden bed along the path at the back of the shop. I am planning to fill that with mints and chamomiles for herbal teas. Yum!

has been great lately. I have passed my goals for the week. The walk on Sabbath afternoon did make me realise how unfit I am though, I was puffing like an old steam train by the time I got to the top of the first hill!


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