Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Just a quick update today

looked at a catalogue I had sitting on the table beside me and said " A-V-O-N, what's Avon mummy?" I was impressed! Especially as our formal school work is erratic at best at the moment. She is one clever cookie. Her extraordinary patience and willingness to help also blows me away daily. I do not know what I have done to be so blessed. Simply by being she lights up my life.

is thrilled with the second-hand three-wheeler double pram we got given. He climbs in next to Christopher and they cuddle and chat as we go for walks. They are adorable to watch. Billy has developed a rather strong attachment to the television. I should just turn it off for a week or so to remind him there are other things out there! But I confess I have been using it as a babysitter in order just to get things done at the moment and I am reluctant to give it up just now while things are hectic. While Jon was away Billy missed him like crazy. We all did, but Billy was especially noticeable. He is becoming a real Daddy fan at the moment which pleases me

is walking around pushing things along which is huge! He has gone back to sleeping properly now. His sleeping patterns seem a lot more fragile than the other two, or it may just be that he is more stubborn and persistent with his LOUD requests to get out of bed. He has had another growth spurt I think because carrying him around is really beginning to hurt after not long at all. His grin still charms me though! And the laugh, I wish I could bottle that laugh. While it is cute now, I daresay it will change substantially by his late teens. Those fleeting moments of their childhoods, I wish I could hold them in my heart and replay them like old movies.

The New Baby:
is very active now! Every night as I sit still or after I hop into bed there is a great tumbling exhibition in my belly as if to say to me "hey Mum, now you have a moment, talk to me!!". Some people don't like the late night kicks, but for me they are one of the most special parts of pregnancy. I love those moments of connection. I forget sometimes to take into account that I am pregnant and I get frustrated that I am not more robust and energetic both physically and mentally, those moments remind me of the very special task my energy is being directed to. It reminds me of the honor that has been bestowed on me.

The house:
Well, I have officially lost steam and crossed over to being simply neglectful. It pains me to admit this!! I hit the bottom mentally and emotionally over the last few weeks and the house is suffering, and so is my family. I have plans of how to fix things, but one of the major things this last few weeks has shown me is that there are times I simply can't keep on top of things. Therefore I am going to start planning NOW to have a cleaner in during the last few weeks of pregnancy and the first few weeks of bub being born. I know me, I know how heavy and uncomfortable I can get during that time and the heat of summer is unlikely to improve that! So I am considering it wise to look ahead and plan for whats coming rather than plunge into depression or get snippy with my family (or both) because I can't do it all.


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