Thursday, November 15, 2007

We are having a fantastic time here.

The joy of a big old farm house is 14 people doesn't really seem that many! Best news is, we were outside and our neighbors started chatting to us. The neighbors are selling their house but the latest contract negotiations aren't going well, so our neighbors want to rent their house to the Unterbergers if the latest contract doesn't go through! This means we will have our own playgroup between us, and we only have to work out which lounge room we want to use LOL

The big kids have given my garden the 'backyard blitz' treatment (it got a bit out of hand when I was heavily pregnant as I mentioned before) and it is all mowed and weeded and lovely and tea is being cooked for me tonight :D My house is spic and span and all my laundry up to date. As I sit here the little ones are asleep, the big ones are reading or working on something quietly and the house is peaceful. The kids are getting on really well and Erin has referred to the girls as her sisters and Paul and Katrina as Mummy and Daddy Unterberger! I have also had to explain to her that I am not Mrs. Guest to HER! The most difficult thing about the Unterbergers being here is trying to get to bed early as we get chatting and time flies.

As much as I love having the family here and want them to stay FOREVER! I know how they need a household of their own so they can set thing in their own order rather than shaping themselves around our lives. I don't like treating God like Santa and putting a 'wish list' in, but I do ask that you pray that if it is the Lord's Will they will move in next door. Please pray also that there will be peace and contentment with whatever plans God has for our lives!


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