Monday, November 19, 2007

The Unterbergers have the house! YAY! They will be moving in early December and I know they are hanging out to have their own home with their own habits and lifestyle, but they are stellar house guests and I will miss sitting down in the evenings to talk Faith and Babies (although I will get more sleep perhaps!) and having their beautiful children around me all the time.

has some how grown up while I wasn't looking! Her drawings are now very recognisable as people and she put together her "Dora the Explorer" jigsaw this afternoon with NO HELP! It is probably about 25 pieces. I have gleaned many great ideas on teaching Erin how to show respect and manners etc. from the Unterbergers and she is thriving - still a bit of a cheeky streak that came out of nowhere a few months ago, but we're getting there. She loves wearing her apron and helping me, and she is getting to the age where she really is a help now too. I have started putting her in dresses with shorts on underneath lately because I have found that many pants end up showing her bottom. Why on earth would you make hipsters for a 3 year old?? The dresses don't seem to be slowing her down too much and she looks like a real little lady (until she is covered in muck that is!

has learned to sit on a mat! This may not seem a big deal to all of you, but it does to me. I now put a blanket on the floor, give him a toy or book and tell him to sit on there and he STAYS there for quite some time with minimal reminders! This will make outings and making tea in the evenings a whole lot easier. He learned so quickly! He hangs over my shoulder as he goes to bed and yells "Byyyeeeeeeee!!" and gets a huge chorus of "BYYYEEEEEEEE!!" back at the moment which he thinks is hilarious. We will have to hang out the window and shout it to next door in a few weeks.

slept 10 hours last night, 7 hours the night before and 10 hours the night before that. He is still just sleeping and eating and eating and sleeping! Oh, and grinning and laughing and pooing and chucking (alot!). He has adorable little fat rolls and the cheeriest disposition. The other morning I got up early and he was my prayer partner. He lay on the rug next to me and cooed and giggled to God!

The house:
is lovely and tidy. Thanks to the Unterberger family doing my dishes, cooking, tidying etc. I have been able to get in and organise the pantry, clean off all my 'hot spots' and find homes for things. It has been fantastic!

The garden:
is fill of flowers and almost empty of weeds! The boys have just started in on the greenhouse.


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