Monday, October 08, 2007

He's a week old ALREADY!

Can you believe it? It is already going too fast for me!

is still enthralled with the new arrival. She is loving the extra visitors having a new baby in the house brings, the little social butterfly that she is. She is telling great stories about how SHE is going to have a baby one day and has ordered a baby sister "just like me" for next year.

generally wants to pick Christopher's nose or poke him or cuddle him and love him to bits. Billy is being a little moody and excitable - also I think because of the extra visitors but adjusting to being a big brother. He is still Mummy's little baby though and we have some great cuddle times! As with everything that Billy does, he is sunshine one minute, thunder clouds the next!

Sleeps, Eats, Sleeps and eats simultaneously, then sleeps and eats!! Brightens up after his bath and gazes around. Gets a little unsettled in the evenings - typical baby stuff - but just little grizzles every now and then. He's a "Chirpy Chucker" and happily chucks more than any baby I have ever met before. He chucked about 15 times between midnight and 3am the other night and I am hoping we don't repeat that one. Loves his dummy and puts himself off to sleep reasonably well. A great, squishy, baby to cuddle! Lots of washing with the chucking, but no acid reflux like his older brother so I am happy!

The house:
WHO CARES! I have a new baby :D Actually, it isn't too bad. Jon has been hands on when he can so things haven't gotten out of control and with such an easy going bubba I've just been pottering along myself.

I'm going to cuddle my new baby before his siblings wake up and want to join in!

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