Monday, October 15, 2007

And now we're TWO weeks!!

Gosh time flies! Jon goes back to work this week and I think we may actually get out of 'holiday mode' and get into some type of routine when that happens. Mum is here visiting at the moment and has taken Erin out for a girlie day shopping, Jon has also gone out to do a few things in town and the boys are asleep so I am enjoying a few minutes on here before I get into the things that I want to get done around the house.

Last week I had one of those "super-mum" moments. We'd gone to Devonport to put in Christopher's paper work (birth registration etc) and Erin had been carsick on the way in. I changed Erin's clothes in the back of the car while Jon took some papers into medicare then we drove to Service Tas to put in Christopher's birth registration. I left Jon in the car filling out some papers with Billy strapped in the back, I took Erin to the toilet and put the paperwork in while feeding Chris under a shawl. As we were walking back to the car I was feeling pretty good about juggling everything and Erin said "Let's run Mummy!" I replied "I can't now honey, I'm feeding Billy." She looked at me side ways and said very slowly (as if to someone who had a little trouble understanding English!) "Mum, that's Chris" Doh! So much for super-mum!

is adoring having Nana Julie here! This morning she climbed into our bed for a little cuddle before we got up and asked me to say the ten commandments with her. We then went through a few other memory verses and had a big cuddle session which always leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling for the day! She is right into her letters at the moment and I am starting her off on a pre-reading work book that I have. It is a little lazy on my behalf as I know perfectly well how to teach her without using a work book, but there are only so many hours in the day! So we have the work book and our usual diet of varied and much loved books. I won't be surprised if she is starting to read independently by her fourth birthday at the rate she is going. She is besotted with Christopher, even if he is a boy! She has ordered twin girls for next year because "I wanted a girl like me!!" and I have a feeling she is trying to tip the numbers in her own favour LOL The other day I walked in to the kitchen to see her sitting on a chair next to Christopher's bed singing "Jesus Loves Me" to him though so the love is still there!

has had his first proper big boy hair cut - he has had one trim before but I attacked it with the clippers and gave him a number 4 on Friday night. I will take a photo soon and put it up but it makes him look much older and brings out his big baby-blues beautifully. He is turning on the usual charm with Nana Julie. It was quite funny yesterday when he wanted to get out of bed. He started off with "Muuuum......Mamaaaa.....Muuuuuum" and when that wasn't fast enough with results he moved to "Naaaaannnnaaaa! Nana....Naaaaanaa!" Then "Daaaadaaaa!!!" (we did get him out, I was just occupied for a bit!) He had a bath at midday today because he found the ash bucket when we were hanging out the washing!

is getting even bigger! He has put on 330 grams in the last two weeks. He's still feeding like a pro and sleeping beautifully. During the day he is parked next to the fridge in the kitchen so I can make sure no other short people try and climb into bed with him and he sleeps through all the usual kitchen noise (pots and pans banging, tantrums because bikkies are denied, etc!). He has shocking baby acne and great big "chesticles" (swollen chest) because of his big dose of third trimester hormones but you have never met a more content baby. If they're all like him from now on I want another ten at least! He is just precious.

The house:
looks a little like a cyclone has hit. We've all been in holiday mode the last two weeks with Jon home. We even missed church because everyone slept in until 10:30am!! We'll get back on track this week. I am very ths=ankful for the cooking I did when I was pregnant and my big washing machine!


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