Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have my study!

Well, it is that time of week again! Time to update the blog properly.

is all better now with the snot monster making only limited appearances. She has mastered the art of saying "May I have some ....... please Mummy?" which makes me melt and give her whatever her heart desires! She is very happy at the moment as Billy is sharing her room. She thinks this is a great treat and I woke up this morning to them giggling at each other. She does have a habit of climbing in there with him, but he is big enough now that this isn't so dangerous. That was the main thing that made me hesitate about putting them in together. I wanted Billy to be big enough to defend himself a bit! But the kids are happy about it and sleep fine and I am completely stoked because I have my study! Back to Erin though. She had Bekah come to visit earlier in the week (who she now calls "Bah-bekah", very cute!) and loved the attention. She wants visitors all the time now. Yesterday she told me that "Nana Julie will be here soon!" then later in the day "Nanny and Poppy are coming to stay!" then still later "Aunty Lisa and Uncle Chris and Bekah and MARCUS are coming for tea tonight!". I think she has the gift of hospitality!

is huge and happy. Life is a barrel of laughs at the moment. Yesterday, even when completely sleep deprived after playgroup, he got passed around at the op shop and gave every one of the ladies a big grin and a belly laugh - I was so proud! He is working on this crawling thing and is definitely mobile now. I have to start keeping things up off the floor! He is really into the food. Solids three times a day plus 4 hourly breast feeds day and night! A growing boy. He isn't overly fat either, just the usual covering for a baby his age. That tooth is still edging it's way out oh so slowly and painfully! I had forgotten how long it takes for them to come through.

The house:
is now a 2 bedroom, two study house - YAY! Extravagant? Perhaps. But being able to close the door on my sewing and leave it out without the kids getting into it or it being in the way means I can actually get some done now. And it is fantastic not to have the computer(s) in the lounge room. The set up is still not complete, and I can't wait to have bookshelves in here, but it is great non-the-less! The laundry hamper is not empty - but only because I put all the dedicates and woollens that were on the floor and put them in the hamper. I am on top of the washing still, I just have to tackle the ironing! I also have some food in the freezer, minimal amounts of 'stuff' on the lounge room floor and significantly less boxes in the hallway.

The garden:
is covered in lady bugs - much to Erin's delight! It is almost worth putting up with the aphids seeing as they attracted them (ladybug larvae eat aphids). The tomatoes are needing to be tied up to their stakes a very 2 or 3 day. I have got an infestation of pear slug though, apparently soapy water works on THEM but I am yet to try it (Sunday if not before!). We will also be getting a nice crop of blackberries off the old chook shed, if I can stop Erin eating them all before they are ripe!

I am up to the shaping on the front left panel of Erin's jacket. I want to have the knitting on the jacket finished by mid January - ooooohhhh, look at that, a goal! That may motivate me to get off my backside! I have been sewing a bit this week too. What I am sewing may shock, even gross you out, but bear with me! Mum, you may not want to read this out to everyone - please don't, they can read it themselves if they are curious! I am sewing...... menstrual pads. Before you go ewwwwwwwww (OK, after, 'cause you have already done it :P ) the kids use cloth nappies - why should I be in disposables? :P I am sewing them out of old flannel PJ 's and old nappies at the moment and they are seriously the most comfortable thing I have ever used. Not hard to clean either, I just throw them in a nappy bucket with some water and vinegar then throw them in the normal wash - and voila! I am going to get some waterproof fabric to back them with then I will be using them full time. Imagine the money I will be saving! :D


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