Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hello again

Things have slowed down to their usual hectic pace now so I thought I had better update the blog LOL

Has a sinus infection and conjunctivitis at the moment and is not well at all :( She had a great time over the weekend though and loved having her Nana Julie to stay. Considering just how awful she feels, she has been SO good! She loved Billy's dedication BBQ too. We have solved the bath phobia with SPACE BUBBLES! Bubble bath with stars and planets on the outside. The bubbles cover up any hairs or specks of dust floating in the bath making for a calm bathtime for all concerned - YAY!

Erin Quote of the Week: Nana Julie (re some food Erin was eating): Is that yummy in your tummy? Erin: Nooooooo, it's yummy in my mouth!!"

Tired, cranky, teething and (today) power-chucking!! And still, somehow, managing to be beautiful! That kid does Belly Laughs to die for. Photos of his dedication are on the way. He is up on his hands and knees rocking ready to crawl and progresses in his own way great distance such as halfway across the lounge room. He can also swim the length of the bath LOL

The house:
looks fantastic thanks to the kitchen pantry that my Gran bought us for Christmas!! Finally, I am getting rid of the boxes in the kitchen!!! I need to sew curtains for under the bench and put up a shelf under there, and we have been talking about getting a small set of drawers, but we are making progress :D The laundry hamper is very empty because Mum has been here for a while LOL and we have a Christmas Tree that is about a foot tall growing in a pot. The poor thing is SO loaded down with decorations LOL

The garden:
is growing like nothing else! There is an explosion in the population of ladybugs and a subsequent reduction in the aphid population. I have had to tie the tomato plants up again this week. I have planted some flowers up the side of the driveway and all the other veg is just taking off.

is getting organised. I am rearranging my study at the moment and Billy is still sleeping in there all the time so that limits what I can do in there. Once we work out how to get the cot into Erin's room and buy a new matress for it, I will be able to use it more. I have done some more on Erin's little jacket.


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