Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm back

Yes, I know I haven't done this in a while, it kept slipping down the 'to do' list! But here we go.

is terrified of the bath and shower here! It all started with that fly that landed in the bath a fortnight ago. She was OK at first, but now if we put her in the bath she stands with the least amount of her body in the water that she can and cries hysterically! In the shower she cries and yells "I'm all wet!!! Erin is getting all wet!!! I'm getting all WET!!!". Thinking she had developed a phobia of the water, we took her down to the river to show her water in a different setting. We were bairly stopped before she was climbing out of the pram and stripping off to get in the water! I had to keep reminding her not to go in over her head! Explain that one if you can! She is also funny about flies. This is a kid who used to play with the wood cockroaches with me. Very strange.

She is very clever though. Last week when we were making muffins she cracked an egg into the mix while I wasn't looking and got it all in the bowl with no shell - ONE HANDED!! How clever is that? She has seen me do it a million times so it mustn't have occurred to her to use two hands. She is just precious at the moment.

Rolls both ways as of today and I suspect he is commando crawling while I am not looking from the amount of ground he is covering in the lounge room. He is also on solids after I got sick of him clawing off my arm to get at my food. Erin I had to get laughing to put food in her mouth, this one you count the fingers to make sure you get them all back. Even after a full feed of boobie juice in the mornings he will go on to eat about 1/4 cup of mashed pumpkin or sweet potato. His tooth is finally through and it was a little rough for the last week or so with it comming through. The poor little man was so unsettled and unhappy. He is happy to have his little fang through now though and is enjoying making tooth marks on anything and everything that comes his way.

The house:
is looking much better after Jon bought me a super-duper vacuum cleaner on the weekend. It is a bagless vac that has a suck that is amazingly strong. It does a fantastic job. It was so handy to have the freezer stocked over the last week with Billy being unhappy, although that means I now have to restock it. I am slowly chipping away at things and it is looking much more like a home in here rather than a storage facility. I am feeling a little more prepared for having a crawler!

The garden:
is looking good. Nasturtium seeds have grown, as have the sunflowers, some sweet peas, the veg in the veggie patch and the potatoes. The little black insects (which I have found out are aphids) are still there and I am using white oil periodically to keep on top of the population.

is still99% inspiration and 1% persperation at the moment but I have done a little more on Erin and my knitted jackets and tidied up my craft space a bit.

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I have finally put up some more photos of the kids!


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