Thursday, November 02, 2006

Believe it or not I did do a post last week but it seems to have disappeared! Oops.

is going through a stage. Everytime anyone who is not Jon or me holds Billy all hell breaks loose! It kind of started mid last week but last Saturday when a friend joked that she was going to take him home....well! Even Nanny and Poppy got yelled at a bit when they held Billy! Strange child. She has been SO settled in comparison to before after a whole weekend of having Daddy home. Tantrums have halved and those that happen have halved in intensity. We all spent the day in the garden on Sunday and I have a brilliant photo of Erin curled up in a kitchen chair asleep after a hard days work. I will post it sometime soon. She is a real little girl now, a skinny mini! She seems to be loosing all her baby chub. She is still eating like a horse though. Her hair is getting thick although it is still very short.

is growing hair too. Blond. He is going to be a blond, blue-eyed boy! He still only rolls from his back to his tummy but once on his tummy he is starting to move himself around. I am really not ready for that! I think he is about to go through a growth spurt because he is really hungry at the moment. I am trying to hold off solids, but he is definately looking like wanting them soon.

The house:
is SORT OF in order. We bought a big box of apples from the orchard across the river over the weekend so I am stewing and freezing apples and making apple pie. I am planning to make some apple jam too.

The garden:
is looking great. The white oil has seemed to make a big difference to the insect population on my peach tree (they are peaches, they're furry!) and it is starting to look like I will get some peaches. The potato plants are starting to peek through. Erin's sunflowers have started to sprout, Jon mowed the yard on the weekend, and we built a vege patch. We have planted 3 different tomato plants and 2 chilli plants (blurgh!). We also planted some lettuce seeds. There have been a few freak frosts, one of which has burned the ends off my camelias. I am hoping we have seen the end of those though.

is still sadly on the back seat as I have been doing a lot of reading at the moment, but I have done some more of my jumper and thought hard about doing some bootiees for Katie and Jeremy's baby.


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