Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Whimsy Wander

Mary at Owlhaven invited her readers to share their own Whimsy Wanders and I felt inspired.

* One day Beloved and I want to take the kids on a tour up the east coast to Cape York and back with a camper trailer. I want to go so we can visit my friend in Sydney, my brother-in-law in Queensland, the place where Beloved and I shared our first kiss and some other memorable/touristy places. Beloved wants to go for all those reasons and to go 4 wheel driving.

* I love hiking but haven't gone on a proper hike for years and years. When the kids are old enough I want to do the overland track with them as well as a bunch of other tracks. Beloved doesn't hike - he can 4wd to the other end and meet us there!

* The other day when I wondered what the next ten years of marriage will bring, I was only half joking when I suggested another 5 children to Beloved. (I think he was only half joking when he rolled his eyes and laughed at me)

* I wish every day that we could move further east to be closer to some good friends we have over there.

* I would love to get a pirate style heart tattoo with MUM across the middle of it on my shoulder. I considered the idea of some fancy ink with each of the kids names on it, but wonder if I will run out of arm.

* I would gladly move into a large shed to live. Beloved wants to build us a big fancy house one day, I told him he could have as large and fancy a house as he'd like if I could have as many children as I liked to help clean it :)

What about you? Do you have any whimsys you would like to share?

1 comment:

Momma Bug said...

I like your heart tattoo friend!
Tattoo's aren't me, but then, I never considered MUM...
I bet I couldn't get AJ to bite. I've told him he could get his wedding band tattooed on his finger since he doesn't like to wear jewelry.
He hasn't yet. ;-)

We are taking that trip up the east coast next week. The Fall color of the East Coast states is supposed to be spectacular!
I think there will be hiking too, but no 4 wheel drives because we're renting an RV.
You have to bring Jon out sometime though because AJ has a NICE rig.

I love you!