Monday, January 25, 2010

My Birthday Poem

This year is supposed to be of significance, the thirtieth I've spent on this earth
And it is customary to give someone gifts to celebrate the day of their birth
The very thought, it fills me with dread! More things to store and to clean
it takes a way from my time with my brood, the very idea's obscene!
So this year I implore you, rather than gifts, pass a blessing to where it is needed
and leave me to play with my babies that day, enjoying my waifs unimpeded.
A card or an e-mail or a phone call's enough to let me know of your good wishes
(or if you are so inclined, perhaps come and do my dishes!!)
From this year on, rather than stuff, please feed a hungry child
or give clean water to a thirsty land and make my heart truly smile

Christmas and birthdays are filled with stuff
of chocolate and baubles I've had enough
please pass on the blessing to one living tough
Happy Christmas, Merry Birthday, mazeltov!

Getting in early, my birthday isn't 'till April, but if any of you were planning to give me presents this year for my Birthday or Christmas, please donate to your favourite charity instead or if you don't have a favourite charity, donate to ADRA. I would rather you change a life forever in my name than any gift you could buy me!



Momma Bug said...

Wow you are planning ahead!

What day's your birthday Jess?
I'll be 31 on April Fools Day:-)

Happy Birthday a little early!!!


Jess said...

I'm a few days later on the 9th, the Christmas influx of 'stuff' followed by Anna's birthday set me to thinking of how I want to celebrate my birthday and Christmas. Hopefully people will come on board, we live in hope!